testimonial: It's Nice To Have An Agent In Your Court and On Your Side - 02/24/14 02:17 PM

Our overall home buying experience with Homebuyer Representation was great. This is my second home I have bought with Ben and I have been very pleased from start to finish. Ben was always with me and very supportive through every process. I chose to work with him the first time because he had helped my son buy his home and he came highly recommended (actually he did not give me a choice, he said I HAD to use Ben). Our first house was great for almost nine years. Because of age we sadly had to move to a more accessible house and did … (0 comments)

testimonial: Buyer Praises Exclusive Buyer's Agent: I Always Knew He Was On My Side - 01/27/14 08:23 AM
I have known and worked with Benjamin Clark since 1994. He is a good person. Honest, helpful, patient and trustworthy are words that come to mind as I try to describe him. He is a family man. In working with him I always felt like he was really listening to me and that he really cared about my best interests. 
I bought a building lot with his help. He is very thorough and absolutely resourceful as a buyer's agent. He provided timely information as I researched the market conditions and found the information I needed about previous and comparable sales. I … (1 comments)

testimonial: Agent's "Impressive Ninja Negotiation Skills" Save Home Buyer $25,000 - 11/24/13 09:53 PM
It is with complete enthusiasm that my wife and I recommend Benjamin Clark and Homebuyer Representation, Inc. for anyone's home buying effort!
With an impending retirement from the US Air Force, but not before one final deployment, Ellen and I had a small window of opportunity to buy a home in Salt Lake. Currently residing in Ohio, we knew the search would be complicated by our distance, and the limited amount of time available "on the ground" to look at all reasonable properties and ultimately close. We needed an ally.
Scouring the internet, I learned about "Exclusive Buyer's Agents" and read … (3 comments)

testimonial: Highly Recommended Exclusive Buyer's Agent - 09/17/13 11:04 AM
Ben was recommended to us by friends of ours who previously used his services to purchase a house. We knew when we would begin looking and also knew from our friends that he only accepted a limited number of clients at a time. So, we called him early in order to reserve his services a few months down the road. Even though we were not officially signed with him, he spent time answering our questions and helping to get us prepared for the process of buying a house. As we had a house to sell, and didn't know where to start with that, … (0 comments)

testimonial: Townhome Buyer Avoids Poor Purchase with Agent on Her Side - 11/10/11 07:22 AM
My Exclusive Buyer's Agent took me on as a client when he was busy with other personal things and yet he was one of the most professional people I have ever worked with.
He went the extra mile to help me find what I was looking for every time.
He never pushed me into anything that I was not sure of. Even when I had made an offer on a place and had it accepted he checked further into one troubling aspect and gave me the information and let me make the decision which was to withdraw the offer. … (1 comments)

testimonial: The Dentist(s) You Should Know About - 11/02/11 11:19 AM
I was talking with a cousin one evening and it came out in conversation that I was going in for a root canal that week. He asked me if I had heard about Biomimetic Dentistry. I had not. He explained how it was far superior to the average dentist's "drill and fill" philosophy. He told me I should go see Dr. Noot first because there was a good chance Dr. Noot could save my tooth without a root canal.
My current dentist had just filled that tooth a few days earlier. During the 15 minute procedure he stated, "I may have … (1 comments)

testimonial: "We Wanted to Make Sure We Had an Agent We Could Rely On" - 10/25/11 01:26 PM
Prior to working with an EBA, we had been involved in four other real estate purchases and three sales and had developed some skepticism toward realtors in general.  This most recent move was our first that wasn’t just to another part of town.  This time, we were to move ourselves, our five kids, our dogs and our cats 300 miles.  We wanted to make sure we had an agent we could rely on.  We shopped extensively and even spoke to a few agents before we found Homebuyer Representation on the web. 
We felt good about working with our EBA from the … (0 comments)

testimonial: Research Scientists Share Benefits of Hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent when Buying a Home - 10/18/11 07:01 PM
Our Exclusive Buyers Agent (EBA) was a pleasure to work with because of his laid back, no-pressure approach. His only motivation was to help us find the right house for us, not to sell a home.  He never pressured us to consider a home we were not interested in. Rather, he suggested we see many homes so we could figure out what we actually wanted, and what we did not want. When we had a disagreement on which house we liked better, he made sure to let us come to our own conclusion. We are very happy with how it turned out, and … (1 comments)

testimonial: Military Buyer Chooses an Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) with Great Results! - 10/03/11 01:28 PM
I’ve done extensive research in home buying over the past few years.  I knew the only way to go was an EBA (Exclusive Buyer’s Agent), but I didn't know of any in Utah. 
Fortunately, a random internet search brought up Benjamin Clark with Homebuyer Representation.  I called him, and then met him in person.   He was easy to work with and has extensive knowledge of the home buying process.  He was always willing to take time to answer my questions and explain anything I didn’t understand.
I was purchasing a second home and Ben kept me on the right track … (0 comments)

testimonial: Avenues Homebuyers Find Working with Exclusive Buyer's Agent "Extremely Rewarding Experience" - 04/13/10 05:28 AM
We relocated from California at the end of last summer, and having sold our home there, we were excited to begin looking for a new one in the Sugarhouse area.  Initially, we were using a listing agent that was set up for us by the relocation company. 
When it became clear that this arrangement wasn’t working out, we decided to find an agent that was more attentive to our needs and interests.
Our Exclusive Buyers Agent has been excellent at every stage of helping us to acquire our new home.  We had absolutely no pressure to look in particular areas, … (0 comments)

testimonial: Salt Lake City Home Buyer - Exclusive Buyers Agent Was "Wholly Dedicated to My Cause" - 04/06/10 05:37 PM
Benjamin Clark of Homebuyer Representation, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah, helped me find and buy my home. He was an excellent agent in all ways and I recommend him wholeheartedly to any potential home buyer.
Because he is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, Ben was wholly dedicated to my cause throughout what turned out to be a 4-1/2 month long process.
He was enormously helpful, dedicated, persistent, knowledgeable, proactive, and consistently agreeable and pleasant.
His negotiating skills are impressive.
He makes great efforts to stay current in his field.
I enjoyed our association and greatly appreciate his work … (3 comments)

testimonial: Benefits of Using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent Explained by a Real Home Buyer - 02/24/10 06:43 AM
When you use an Exclusive Buyers Agent, they are not biased in their opinion of which properties they want you to view or buy. Our Exclusive Buyer's Agent was very willing to show us any property that we wanted to see.
He went the extra mile and beyond to meet our needs and wants in a home. He worked in every way to save us money. He helped us see down payment and closing cost options we would not have known about without his help. He took care of all the paperwork and even ran documents to our places of employment … (4 comments)

testimonial: An Exclusive Buyer's Agent is the Only Way to Go - 05/01/09 11:09 AM
I recently transferred to Salt Lake City from California.  Having owned a few homes, and also having dealt with various agents in the past, I did not relish the stress and hassles involved in the home buying process.  I investigated my options, and wanted an agent that would be a good fit for me. I wanted an agent who was willing to work only for me.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on one of the most rewarding and remarkable adventures of my life. Benjamin Clark is the best!  He made the buying process an absolute pleasure.  … (3 comments)

testimonial: Home Buyers in Sandy, Utah Value Having an Agent on Their Side - 03/12/09 01:29 PM
We recently purchased our first home in the Salt Lake area.  In choosing a realtor, we considered several options, but ultimately chose to work with Benjamin Clark based on positive recommendations we'd received.  We weren't very familiar with the concept of an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA) at the outset, but during the home buying process learned how valuable it can be to have our realtor looking out solely for our interests.  We never felt pushed into a particular house as we might have with a realtor who also had an interest in selling certain homes.  Our experience with Ben was quite … (2 comments)

testimonial: "Impressed with Your Professionalism" - 02/27/09 05:26 AM
Ben,I wanted to take a moment and thank you for letting us help you with the purchase transaction for the Tanners.  I was impressed with your professionalism and particularly the depth of your understanding of the closing process and the HUD-1 settlement statement.  Your attention to detail is obviously a huge benefit to your clients.I was also impressed with the loan package you were able to help your buyer obtain.  I've closed loans and purchases at interest rates in the 4's before, but I've never closed one at that rate with no lender fees. Your buyer focus shows in how well … (5 comments)

testimonial: First Time Home Buyers Recommend Hiring a Broker on Your Side - 01/30/09 04:29 PM
My wife and I were looking to buy our first home.  We knew the area we were interested in and that was about it.
My wife read about real estate brokers and how they are able to represent the buyer which led us to Ben.  Right from the start he was very helpful. Ben helped us figure out just about everything, from the beginning to the end.  We looked at as many houses as we wanted.  He wasn't pushy and did not try to sell us any particular home.  He even found one in the area that was not listed on … (4 comments)

testimonial: Exclusive Buyer's Agent Makes Homebuying Experience "Stress Free" for Avenues Homebuyer - 11/11/08 10:09 AM
My partner and I had been considering moving to Salt Lake City from the Los Angeles area. We were not sure how to approach looking for a home in an area where there were many locations of interest. We did some research and found Benjamin Clark. We liked what we read about his services. Once we opened a dialog with Ben we knew right away that he was the man to help, and we were right on with Ben. 
I decided to make the move right away to Salt Lake City from Los Angeles to be close when that opportunity arose … (5 comments)

testimonial: Military Family Relocating to Utah Benefits by Hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent - 09/20/08 06:01 PM
Our family was relocating to Utah after 5 years in Japan. Although we had done lots of internet searching for houses we really had no idea as to neighborhoods, schools, shopping, etc. The "house hunting" experience was old even before we left Japan.
In doing our initial research into rates, lenders and trying to learn about neighborhoods we came across advertisements for an EBA (Exclusive Buyer's Agent). Although we have owned several properties both as primary and rentals, we had not heard of a Buyers Agent. I have always disliked the idea that the selling agent was also my buying … (0 comments)

testimonial: Salt Lake City, Utah Area Homebuyers Benefit when Having Agent on Their Side - 09/17/08 05:28 PM
We had a wonderful experience with our agent, Benjamin Clark.    We had been looking at houses on our own for about six months, and were getting frustrated trying to find decent houses to look at, physically locating the houses without getting lost, and scheduling appointments to see the houses with various listing agents. It felt like we were getting nowhere in our searches, and as first-time home buyers, we did not feel knowledgeable enough about the housing market to make a good decision on our own.   That was when we heard of exclusive buyer agents that work on the buyers' side. My husband was … (0 comments)

testimonial: Exclusive Buyers Agents - A Good Choice when Relocating - 09/15/08 06:57 PM
I was relocating to Utah and needed an agent to help me find a home and navigate the buying process.
Through web searches I contacted several agents and ultimately selected Ben Clark of Homebuyer Representation to help me with my home search.   Ben helped me consider adjacent areas in my search, and his greatest strength was his experience in facilitating the home buying process and in negotiating on price.   I was *very* impressed by Ben's promptness and communication follow-up. The last agent I purchased a home with a few years ago did not even read their email and I … (2 comments)

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