Article from our local Grand Junction newspaper the Daily Sentinel   Real estate sales pick up momentum More sold, at higher prices, than same period last year By Mike Wiggins Friday, October 28, 2011 The Mesa County real estate market continued to show signs of stabilizing and improving in the t...
Grand Junction is a baseball town. We host JUCO the college world series. Supluzio Statium has been the venue for years. This year the statium is being renovated. The renovation will add a new pressbox and hospitility suites and add new seats. The $8.3 million is exspected to completed in May, in...
October 21 to 30 is when Key West Florida puts on or takes off party clothes! Fantasy Fest is not your kids Halloween Parade. Key West is at it's rowdiest. People dance in the streets and party hardy. This was not always the case. The end of October was a slow time for merchants. In 1978 I had a ...
I have a hard time with angets that do not anser teir phones consisitanly. I have my phone with me at all times. I am often on serial calls. I go from one call to the next. 
The real Estate business is fun for me. I made my business to suit me. I have always lived in Florida for 6 months and somewhere cool for 6 months. Somewhere "cool" is a double endendre (duel meaning). The two meanings are "cool" being temperature and the second being well "cool".  Thus a life st...
Buyers are becoming frustrated with the mortgage process. Many buyers cannot get credit because of the tight credit market. Over 2 million people were turned down last year according to the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. The most common reasons for rejection are:  1. Bad Cred...
I read a featured post today showing some really bad pictures from their mls. It is true bad pictures can be a real turn off. The opposite can also be true. I have a knack for photography. I am not a professional but I have been published. I can make a shack look like a nice house. When digital c...
Need proof that Fla. home sales are up?   WASHINGTON – Sept. 28, 2011 – The value of home sales in Florida has gone up. For proof, look no further than doc stamp taxes, which are paid on all home sales. According to U.S. Census Bureau reports, doc stamp revenue rose 9.8% in the second quarter of ...

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