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First I would like to thank all who have followed my posts here on Active Rain over the past year. I have decided to take my post private starting in July. Nothing against Active Rain ...because it has been a great format for agents across the country to unite and share ideas. It has been a chall...
In today’s internet driven society it is impossible to ignore the influence of online social networks. 75% of Americans and 83% of Canadians with internet access are now on Facebook. Facebook has a worldwide membership which exceeds 600 million active users and is becoming the preferred form of c...
Today… Live today like there is no tomorrow… This is a saying I ‘m sure everyone has heard before. The era of the 60’s and 70’s brought about this kind of thinking of tomorrow may never come. Some agents seem to live by this mantra, let’s see if this could be you:   The central part of any effect...
In the real estate industry you become your most valuable asset! Systems, Dialogues, and Presentations are all important, but if you are not sound mentally, physically, and emotionally …your business will suffer. In order is grow a strong and profitable business, you have to learn to harness your...
As I sat inside the Progress Energy Performing Arts Center last Sunday waiting for my oldest daughters' high school graduation ceremony to begin, my mind started to wander across the past 18 years. The day she was born was second only to the day I married her Mom, and yes, I admit, I cried at the...
The Numbers Of Prospecting Consistency is the solution to your long term success in real estate. It is crucial to establish daily prospecting habits for business building activities. Being steady in your daily endeavors to place new contacts into your book of business (BoB) will lead you down the...
If you are like most people today, you are overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time with which to do it in! Everyday you struggle to get caught up, new tasks and responsibilities keep piling up...and because of this, you feel as though you will never get caught up. You may even begin t...
      I am sure you have heard the phrase … “Put your money where your mouth is” …Well I would like to turn that around in hopes it will help you to boost your relationship based referrals.     Putting your mouth where “the money is” pertains to your ability to grow relationships in an effective ...
I often see many associates who get sucked into the “interrupt-us all-the-time-us” black-hole when they become too “available” to clients and prospects. The key to long-term success is a constant focus on your business prospecting. Your focus is lost when anyone can break into your schedule at w...
I almost don’t know how to write about this subject but I see this issue so often I feel compelled to put something out so you will not fall into the same trap I’ve seen others in.   In the early 1960’s the West Bend Company developed an electric bean cooker called the “Bean Pot”. This early ele...

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