success tips: How to Transform Facebook from a Time Waster to a Money Maker - 06/27/11 02:07 AM
In today’s internet driven society it is impossible to ignore the influence of online social networks.
75% of Americans and 83% of Canadians with internet access are now on Facebook.
Facebook has a worldwide membership which exceeds 600 million active users and is becoming the preferred form of communication for the 18-34 year old age group. The next generation of first time buyers!
Age 50+ are the fastest-growing group of social networkers…
Using Facebook to stay top of mind with your Book-of-Business is a strategy which could help you generate more leads, but like with many could become a black … (2 comments)

success tips: Making Today Work For You... - 06/21/11 02:37 AM
Live today like there is no tomorrow… This is a saying I ‘m sure everyone has heard before. The era of the 60’s and 70’s brought about this kind of thinking of tomorrow may never come. Some agents seem to live by this mantra, let’s see if this could be you:
The central part of any effective coaching system is accountability …not just for today, but forever!  Living your life like there is no tomorrow when it comes to real estate will certainly make your career a short one.
Just like a farmer, when seeds are planted, … (4 comments)

success tips: Harnessing Your Energy - 06/14/11 01:16 AM
In the real estate industry you become your most valuable asset!
Systems, Dialogues, and Presentations are all important, but if you are not sound mentally, physically, and emotionally …your business will suffer. In order is grow a strong and profitable business, you have to learn to harness your energy.
The quantity and quality of your energy are a key determining factor for your success.
The definition of energy:  “The ability or capacity to do work or to produce change …the intensity of your actions.”
Think about it …When you feel well rested and have a purpose for your day and … (5 comments)

success tips: T-I-M-E - 06/08/11 08:46 AM
As I sat inside the Progress Energy Performing Arts Center last Sunday waiting for my oldest daughters' high school graduation ceremony to begin, my mind started to wander across the past 18 years. The day she was born was second only to the day I married her Mom, and yes, I admit, I cried at the tiny miracle of life I held in my hands.
As she grew older there were, as with every child, great times and not so great times ... and then there were times when my wife and I asked ourselves ... "Whose idea was it to … (10 comments)

success tips: The Numbers of Prospecting - 06/03/11 02:59 AM
The Numbers Of Prospecting
Consistency is the solution to your long term success in real estate. It is crucial to establish daily prospecting habits for business building activities. Being steady in your daily endeavors to place new contacts into your book of business (BoB) will lead you down the path of success.  Look at it this way ...
If our goal is to make 5 new contacts a day for 5 days a week, you have to make every possible effort to reach your goal each day ... Relaxing for just a few days will cause calamitous damage to your income. … (2 comments)

success tips: Eat Your "Frog" First - 05/31/11 12:49 PM
If you are like most people today, you are overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time with which to do it in!
Everyday you struggle to get caught up, new tasks and responsibilities keep piling up...and because of this, you feel as though you will never get caught up. You may even begin to feel like you will always be behind in some of your tasks and duties no matter what you do.

For this reason ...your ability to effectively select your most important task, at a given moment of the day, and get it completed … (4 comments)

success tips: Putting Your Mouth Where The Money Is... - 05/26/11 06:13 AM
I am sure you have heard the phrase … “Put your money where your mouth is” …Well I would like to turn that around in hopes it will help you to boost your relationship based referrals.

Putting your mouth where “the money is” pertains to your ability to grow relationships in an effective way which will lead to income producing referrals. I often see associates who have built great relationships but have reluctance and sometimes a downright fear of asking for referrals.
This is a hard thing for a … (3 comments)

success tips: What Happens When You Become "Too Available”? - 05/20/11 12:50 AM

I often see many associates who get sucked into the “interrupt-us all-the-time-us” black-hole when they become too “available” to clients and prospects. The key to long-term success is a constant focus on your business prospecting. Your focus is lost when anyone can break into your schedule at will. You have to padlock your availability into pre-designated times…
A Top Level Producer minimizes their distractions by “booking” their appointments.
REALTORS are the most interrupted professionals in the world. As Professionals we need to better educate our clients to how they may only have access to our time … (194 comments)

success tips: A Crock-Pot and A Microwave walked into a Real Estate Office... - 05/17/11 08:45 AM

I almost don’t know how to write about this subject but I see this issue so often I feel compelled to put something out so you will not fall into the same trap I’ve seen others in.
In the early 1960’s the West Bend Company developed an electric bean cooker called the “Bean Pot”. This early electric slow cooker resembled a crock-pot which rested on a warming tray. In 1971 The Rival Company introduced the more modern era Crock-Pot slow cooker…
As families changed and more women went to work outside the home there came a need for … (6 comments)

success tips: Use Who You Know To Double Your Income! - 05/04/11 10:40 AM
Use “Who You Already Know” To Double Your Income… 
The most commonly neglected referral sources are often your past clients and those people you already know …or your “Book of Business” (B.o.B.).

Your B.o.B. contains people who you know for certain will refer business to you ...or in other words... those who know, like, and trust you...When positioned properly, these people will produce substantial new business for you on a consistent basis.
An aggressive plan to expand and transform your list of names into a B.o.B. should result in a dramatic increase in referrals from your database.


success tips: The Last Thing Your Client Remembers.... - 04/26/11 12:44 AM

Your clients’ impression of your abilities as a REALTOR …Is directly related to the last thing they remember about you!
As it always is and will be ...
a hundred "at-a-boys" can be nullified by just a single "oh-crap"!
What your clients will remember about you most the last thing (positive or negative) you did. No matter how diligent you were in the process or how hard you worked for them throughout the transaction, if the last memory is a negative one, the relationship will sour.
This is why I stress with my associates and coaching students … (4 comments)

success tips: Five Tips to Increase Your Business Today! - 04/18/11 09:57 AM
Here are five sure fire fixes to jump-start a sluggish business!
1. Stop being a slave to your cell phone/PDA –
I see agents who I seriously think would pass out if their phone rang and they didn’t answer it…What this behavior does is get, (and keep), you serious off track all day long.
Imagine being in the middle of writing your five hand written notes from your calls the previous day, when a seller calls to ask why they have not had a showing in 5 days, and to tell you about a neighbor’s … (2 comments)

success tips: What Is Your Calling? - 04/14/11 09:37 AM
What Is Your Calling?
To be able to do what you are the best at …and enjoy it …is true freedom….
To many times we as REALTORS forget how much we enjoy what we do…the last few years have pushed many into a “love/hate” relationship with their career. Then there are also those who wallow in their own misery for months and months until they are so covered in “misery mud” it becomes nearly impossible to come clean.
Tip: Take your eyes off your own problems and lift up to focus on others.
I can … (1 comments)

success tips: Stop "Selling" - Start Caring! - 04/07/11 09:06 AM
Stop "selling to prospects" and start "caring about clients".
I sometimes cringe when I hear an agent tell of how they worked so hard to “sell” a prospect on buying a home. Real Estate is no longer about selling the client… it is all about building trust, relationships and serving their individuals needs.
Here are a few tips which may help you build stronger relationships with your potential clients.
1. Focus on the getting to the "truth" from your potential client's situation. You may or may not be a fit for each other, so focusing on the end goal of “selling” them something … (1 comments)

success tips: Why Should You Be a Skilled Negotiator? - 04/05/11 12:58 AM
Why do you need to be a Skilled Negotiator?

To Substantiate Your Fees - Being a Professional Negotiator ...this one skill set will separate you from other business models which do not offer contract/inspection negotiations for the client.
 "When negotiating, don't give a concession unless you get a concession in return."
When we look into and read this phrase, we need to realize it forms the basis for the entire negotiation process. Negotiation is all about giving and taking, while continually moving towards reaching a goal of a successful agreement for all parties.
As a real estate agent, … (1 comments)

success tips: The Spring Market is Here! Plant Now...Profit Later! - 03/28/11 12:25 AM
 Since 2007 we have seen the real estate market become something less than it once was …I’m not being negative … It is fact, the market is not as fruitful as it was in the years leading up to 2007 … Our "bubble" was what farmers call a “bumper-crop”….
When your local market conditions slowed, did you lay down your tools and let your prospecting activities go fallow as well? I fear some of you may have let your plowshares become a little rusty over the past 4 years.
Now is the time to start re-laying the groundwork … (2 comments)

success tips: Do You Seem To Attract All The Negative Clients? READ THIS! - 03/25/11 01:38 AM
Do You Seem To Attract All The Negative Clients?
The Power of Attraction Is Stronger Than You Think….
Ever wonder why some people just seem to be “lucky”? Everything seems to always be perfect in their lives? Perfect wife/husband …perfect children …perfect hair …perfect smile? Do you think it is luck?
There is an old saying which says …A successful person makes their own “luck” through hard work. Ever wonder why some agents in the office seem to be really “lucky” at their phone lead time? Or why some agents seem to fill the listing and sales boards … (3 comments)

success tips: Coaching – Giving Your Very…Absolute…Best! - 03/24/11 12:32 AM
 If you had one shot,
or one opportunity…To seize everything you ever wanted…
One moment…Would you capture it…
or just let it slip?
the moment …You own it,
you better never let it go… oh!You only get one shot,
do not miss your chance to blowThis opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!
(Lose Yourself, Eminem)
Think about the statement …”Giving your very absolute best” …
It could be defined as …The Supreme Effort One Can Possibly Make. In real estate, as in the Eminem lyrics above, when making first impressions you only do get … (0 comments)

success tips: Pushing “START” Everyday - 03/21/11 10:11 AM
 Have you ever woke up in the morning and felt like your eyes were glued shut …and that if you got out of the bed you would surely die? You push yourself to get up and get going and once you’re up and started you start to feel better?
I often feel this way as I wake at 0415 to train at my local gym …but once there and “started” …I find myself thinking I’m glad to be there and I have a great workout. On the occasions when I fall prey to weakness, and sleep in …I almost … (6 comments)

success tips: Why does your “pipe-line” run dry? - 03/14/11 01:16 AM
One thing I discover about most agents during coaching is they are seldom consistent with their business building activities. The culprit is usually due to getting busy from performing income producing activities, so they shift focus to working on their “job” and stop working on their “business” all together.

What’s strange to me in this case is how when their pipeline runs dry … they can never seem to understand why.

I’ve heard this statement often …”Man, I was really busy there for a while …but it has really slowed down for me in the past … (36 comments)

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