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A full-service real estate and construction company, Stan White Realty & Construction has been in business more than 30 years and currently manages over 700 vacation rental homes. The company also offers long-term residential management services, commercial leasing, construction and remodeling se...
As a full service property management firm, Ashoka Lion provides investor management as well association management services in the Houston and Dallas area. Ashoka Lion strives to be a premiere real estate firm leading the charge towards running an ecologically conscious company. In 2009 the comp...
Sometimes we all need some help figuring out how to do something. This usually involves a quick Google search in the hopes that the answer we need pops up in the preview section of the search results and we can continue on with the project at hand while scanning a couple lines of text. Most often...
Like many of you who deal with rental properties, was sending out 40-50 contracts per month to property owners and managers. The process of getting the paperwork signed was painful – they either had to print and fax the agreement or send it through regular mail. This led to an att...
  Here at Adobe EchoSign, we're keeping busy highlighting our integration with Dreamforce, Salesforce’s largest user conference (and one of the largest technology trade shows in general), is going on in San Francisco this week, bringing together more than 70,000 people to talk tec...
Here at Adobe EchoSign, we've been having a fun summer over on Facebook. Aiming to both educate and entertain social media enthusiasts on e-signatures, every week for 8 weeks we are featuring a different category (pop culture, music, technology, sports, history, entertainment, environment and bus...
Recently, Foxtons, a real estate company for selling and renting property in the United Kingdom, discussed the benefits they've seen with electronic signatures and a secure online portal on their website. Foxtons was looking for a solution that was going to help everyone involved in dealing with ...
In case you missed Bob’s post earlier this week, I wanted to share the winners of our May contest again (see below). In doing this contest and reading the corresponding posts from all of you, it really becomes apparent how often we shift a process or a way of thinking in order to accommodate mode...
We have finally chosen the winners of our May contest on the technology you can’t live without. It was a lot of reading – interesting and insightful reading – and we definitely learned a lot about the different tools that are out there, and it appears that many of you readers did as well. It’s ha...
Our May contest is nearing the end -- for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet (details here), the theme centers around technology that you use every day that you can’t live without. I wanted to tell this story about Groupon, because even though they are outside of this industry, the way t...

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