contest: People DO Change – Debunking the Myth of Stubbornness - 07/26/12 01:59 PM
In case you missed Bob’s post earlier this week, I wanted to share the winners of our May contest again (see below).
In doing this contest and reading the corresponding posts from all of you, it really becomes apparent how often we shift a process or a way of thinking in order to accommodate modern technology. Even more importantly than how often it happens, is how open we are to allowing it to happen. The cliché that people don’t change doesn’t seem to exist here.

Think back to when you finally took the plunge and bought your first smart phone. … (2 comments)

contest: Check Our May Contest - You Could Be One of our 9 Winners - 05/01/12 03:07 PM
When Bob and I were brainstorming this month's contest, I kept going back to the theme of technology and how it's helped us -- and some would argue, also hurt us. And I started thinking about how we used to do business back in the day. I'm sure many of you, just like me, remember work before email. How did we get anything done? Even though most of us lived in the time before cell phones, email, the internet, etc., it's still hard to remember how we actually did our jobs.
If any of you are fans of Mad Men (my … (8 comments)

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