marketing: Video and Commercial Real Estate - Part II - 08/01/08 03:22 AM
At Sibdu, we’ve seen some pretty decent success with our video efforts. Because we're all about helping commercial real-estate practitioners with their businesses (along with our friends at ActiveRain, of course), we're bringing you "Our Story," in the hopes you can learn from us and succeed with your own video efforts. 
Since the tour is highly visual, I'm letting the video version of it do the proverbial heavy lifting for this post. Click here to see it, please (opens in a new window). But don’t close this window — we have more tips below that are not in the video.
First, … (2 comments)

marketing: Video and Commercial Real Estate - Part I - 07/25/08 03:27 AM
Readers of my regular blog ( have been innundated as of late with my posts (read: ramblings) on why using video in commercial real estate is good. Brand building. Promoting yourself as an expert in (whatever field, property type, geographic area, etc., you're in). Promoting listings. Promoting your clients for potential leases / purchases (this one assumes you have an iron-clad tenant/buyer-rep agreement in place). And probably most important: search-engine optimization (SEO).
You can be the next commercial real estate video "star," in an effort to achieve any (or all) of the above. I put "star" in quotes, because in this … (3 comments)

marketing: Busy, Busy Blogger - 06/10/08 08:41 AM
Hello, all. With the upcoming launch of Sibdu, I've been very busy blogging at our main blog site: .
As always -- well, most of the time, anyways -- we cover topics of interest to commercial and investment real-estate agents and brokers, including sales tips, marketing, technology, etc. Residential agents and brokers can definitely benefit as well. So read one, read all!
Rather than bore you all with reviews of what I've written (or worse yet, repurpose them here, which I wouldn't think would be cool), I thought it would be easiest to provide links back to the blog, so … (0 comments)

marketing: Commercial RE and ActiveRain - 08/28/07 08:06 AM
A question for all of you AR commercial real estate practitoners. A friend of mine who is still in CRE brokerage (I got out a few months ago to helm the business efforts of a new IT firm servicing the CRE brokerage sector) asked me what I thought of AR for commercial.
I had to tell him that I wasn't sure. I mean, I know it works really well for residential brokers and agents. But I keep looking in some of the commercial-oriented boards here, and I'm not sure if commercial people will get the same "bang for the buck" -- especially … (9 comments)

marketing: When a Call or Voicemail Just Won't Do, Part II - 08/06/07 08:09 AM
In Part I of this article, I explained why handwritten notes are...well...just so darned super. All kidding aside, they really are. Here's Part I. Part II is below:
Here's some quick tips for writing notes:
* Card shops and stationery stores sell supplies for personal notes. You don't need anything overly complex or flowery. Pick a card (or a box of cards) that matches your personality.
* Buy cards that are smaller, but not too small. You're only writing a short personal note, not War and Peace.
* Stay away from cards provided by your company that has the corporate logo on them. A person … (6 comments)

marketing: Expanding Your Reach in Cyberspace - 08/02/07 03:47 AM
Hey, all. I just discoverd a resource that I've already used with great success. Plus, you can even tie it in with your activities here at AR!
It's called FastPitch Networking (, and it is a very cool site. There's actually so much going on there that you can do (blogs, podcasts, events, networking, etc.) that I'm still learning all about it. So rather than repurposing something here about which I can't speak authoritatively, I'll just encourage you to visit the site.
There is one thing I know about, though -- your AR blog can do "double duty" there. You can upload your AR blog into … (1 comments)

marketing: When a Call or Voicemail Just Won't Do, Part I - 08/01/07 06:29 AM
NOTE: This is another in a series of my "Back to the Basics" articles. Part II, which has tips on what to put in these notes, will come later this week.
In our hectic lives nowadays, the easiest form of contact between people is e-mail. Coming close in second is the voicemail message. Third place goes to the simple phone call. And in fourth, but lagging behind, is various forms of the in-person meeting.
All of these communication "channels," if you will, are important. What's more, they're not going away. But one form of communication that has been lost in recent years is the handwritten … (4 comments)

marketing: Real-World Value Addes Services - 07/27/07 08:02 AM
Well, since my last post on online value-added serivces went soooooo well (sarcasm intended for humor purposes only)...
Seriously, I want to start a conversation about how real-estate pros from all walks of life are using value-added services for lead generation, customer service/satisfaction, service after the sale, etc.
In my previous blog entry (linked above), I listed two ways to do this online. Below, I've got two suggestions to do this offline.
A book of vendors. Call it a "recommended" list, a "suggested" list, whatever. A lot of times when people need all kinds of things done (plumber, electrician, dog sitter - you name it), … (1 comments)

marketing: Writing Articles from you Active Rain Blogs - 07/27/07 02:14 AM
In a previous life, I was a journalist -- photographer, reporter, newscast producer, editor, etc. I guess that's why I still like to write. It's in my blood.
I also like to read. And quite frankly, I've read a lot of really, really good content that's being generated by people here on Active Rain. In fact, I think most of it can be re-used and re-purposed to help you build your businesses.
There's a Web site I use called What it does is offers your content to publishers for free. I suggest that anyone here who has done a "how-to" or other type … (11 comments)

marketing: Follow Up for Success, Part II - 07/26/07 12:25 AM
(Part I of this story) Here's my system for following up:
After I've make a contact, I'll decide if this person is a potential customer, a potential partner, a referral resource or just someone who is a nice person. I do this immediately after the event is done, so all of the people I've met are fresh in my mind and I can remember them when I look at their cards.During my evaluation time, I'll assign these contacts with a letter or number, denoting how important they are to me. I use "A" for most important (potential customer or hot referral resource), … (1 comments)

marketing: First Real Post to This Group - 07/24/07 08:18 AM
Hello, all. As you've seen in the intro post to this group (Adding Value to Your Services), I'd like to discuss more about how real-estate pros can go beyond what "everyone" else is offering, in terms of services, to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. The way I did it when I was in real estate (commercial and residential) was to offer value-added services.
Now that I'm working for a company that offers value-added services to commercial and investment brokerages, brokers, teams and agents, I'm very interested in what others are doing out there. I'm especially interested in how you're using technology … (0 comments)

marketing: Follow Up for Success, Part I - 07/24/07 01:59 AM
NOTE: The following is Part 1 of an article I have released for general distribution across the network, which accepts articles from people who want to see them republished at no charge to the author. It's a strategy I'm using to build my business; you should consider doing it yourself. But that's not what the article is about -- I'll cover that in a future entry. Here is today's story:
Follow Up for Success, Part I 
Networking and dating can be a lot alike, and yet very different.
In many cases, dating starts out with a crowded room of people who may … (4 comments)

marketing: Quick Intro for a New Active Rain Group - 07/23/07 04:07 AM
I'm very new here, so forgive this post if it is inappropriate; believe me, it's not my intention to honk anyone off. It's just that I just created a group called "Adding Value to Your Services," and I wanted to promote it.
The new group is a place to discuss how you add value to your real-estate services, so that you really stand out from the crowd and even receive referrals because of them. Have you or do you:
Publish a guide of suggested/recommended vendors for your clients to use?Provide free moving services?Provide online tools for your clients to manage the leases in their portfolios, … (0 comments)

marketing: Press Release About our New Product - 07/23/07 03:44 AM
Quick note: I will be posting other topics of interest to commercial/investment real-estate pros that are not specific to my company. I also have experience on the brokerage side of real estate, so I'll be posting responses to posts as well. For now, though, I'm posting this since I already have it. Thanks. 
eCREsystems Launches LeaseMS Admin, A Unique Marketing/Promotional Tool for Commercial Real Estate Brokers
Ashburn, Va. - eCREsystems, a technology-centered company providing Web-enabled platforms to the commercial real estate (CRE) market, announces its first product for CRE brokers that will enable them to truly stand apart from their competition in their respective markets - at a price … (0 comments)


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