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Musings about historic Fredericksburg Virginia in general with specific focus on homes for sale in Fredericksburg Virginia and the local real estate market; includes Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, and Caroline County.



The other day I was speaking with my friend (and ActiveRain contributor) Jim Crawford; the Brooklyn born displaced resident of Atlanta.  He told me that he was "Doing an Ed DeChristopher."  "What in the world is that?" was my response.  "Driving around and taking pictures of different things and ...
In case you could not deduce from this cartoon, I have been busy the last few days trying to restore information to the hard drive of my laptop computer.  As a result, blogs from Fredericksburg VA have been delayed a bit.  My trusty laptop that I have been carrying back and forth from home to wor...
Memorial Day 2007  Parades.  When I was a boy growing up in Peekskill NY there were parades all of the time.  At least it seemed like there were to me.  I loved them.  I loved the music.  I loved the horses.  I loved the fire trucks.  I loved to see the Peekskill Military Academy cadets in their ...
Yesterday a client here in Fredericksburg VA asked me that question.  They are not, at this point, selling their home but they may at some point.  Resale homes for sale in our area do not normally have upgraded countertops unless they are fairly new or if the owners have had new countertops recen...
Have read several of the postings here on Active Rain regarding staging a home for sale.Also heard discussions about the subject while at a meeting of the CyberProfessionals® in Albuquerque earlier this month.  Came back home to Fredericksburg VA ready to implement some of the ideas I had learned...
Stone River is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in Stafford County VA.Stone River is conveniently located along US Route 1 between Garrisonville and Stafford Courthouse.  And most importantly, it is located just a few miles south of the US Marine Corps Base at Quantico.  Many Marines stationed at...
Just finished writing a blog on another real estate blogsite  and I think you may find it ineresting.  It takes a few minutes to get that blog published so I hope it is done by the time you want to read it.Our geographic area of Fredericksburg VA (which includes the City of Fredericksburg VA, Spo...
May 13, 2007; Mothers Day!Unlike for most of you, I am sure, Mothers Day became a decision making day for us here in Fredericksburg VA.Decided not to spend the day at work but rather, to spend it doing something my bride of 49 years would enjoy.  She has always liked photography but just recently...
Just finished reading and commenting on my friend Kristal Kraft's blog about gas prices  on Active Rain.Have been thinking a long time how we are being set up by the financially well off petroleum industry.  I have read their rationale about their losses caused by hurricanes, rising costs of impo...
Although I tout my blog as being "Musings about historic Fredericksburg Virginia . . ." think it is time to get back to some information about the Fredericksburg Va real estate market.An excellent indication of the health of the real estate market is how long it takes homes to sell.  There certai...


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Musings about historic Fredericksburg Virginia in general with specific focus on homes for sale in Fredericksburg Virginia and the local real estate market.