fredericksburg virginia: How Do They Get Away With It? - 03/17/10 10:44 AM
About a week ago I had to replace four tires on my Toyota Camry Hybrid.  I had noticed a strange feeling in my steering and brought it to a store where I have purchased tires for another car.  After spending $140 on the first tire and seeing little difference (I had asked them to check all the tires), I decided to take it to another tire store to have them give me their opinion.
The second store told me that I had another bad tire.  This time I was asked if I would consider a used tire.  When I asked how … (2 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: There's A New Kid in Town - 10/21/09 01:19 AM
On the first of October 2009 a new face appeared on the real estate horizon of Historic Fredericksburg Virginia.  Fredericksburg Realty is in business.  The company was founded and operated by yours truly.  Another Active Rain blogger, Dawn DeGroff, joins the company in its new location at 910 Princess Anne Street.
If you are a consumer and would like more information about buying or selling a home in Fredericksburg, VA or the surrounding area (Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, or Caroline County) please visit us on the net or at our office.


fredericksburg virginia: Fredericksburg Va Real Estate - 05/11/07 02:53 AM
Although I tout my blog as being "Musings about historic Fredericksburg Virginia . . ." think it is time to get back to some information about the Fredericksburg Va real estate market.
An excellent indication of the health of the real estate market is how long it takes homes to sell.  There certainly has been a significant change in this over the past year or two.  Unfortunately, it seems to be taking more and more time to have a home sold today than it did a few years ago.  Our local MLS, the Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS) has begun publishing graphs … (3 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Timing Is Everything - 05/08/07 10:56 PM
Have been in the real estate business in the Fredericksburg Virginia area since 1989.  Have been trying to assist sellers and buyers in Spotsylvania County, Stafford County, King George County, Orange County, Caroline County, and the City of Fredericksburg since then.
Am not much for superstitions but . . .
Why is it that when you take time to relax and/or leave town, things start to get really busy?
About a week ago I listed a townhome that was in need of some cosmetic repairs (well maybe a few things were a bit beyond the "cosmetic" stage).  The owner, a previous buyer client … (11 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: The Beauty of Virginia - 05/02/07 12:08 AM
The time is approaching, rapidly I will tell you, for you "Baby Boomers" to make an extremely important decision in your life (or lives if appropriate).
Retirement is just around the corner and you will have to decide where you want to live.
We in the real estate profession have experienced the trauma associated with this decision many times over.  Not necessarily with ourselves but with previous clients/customers.
Now the shoe is about to be put on the other foot.  Where will you, real estate professional, decide to retire?  For many there will be no relocation necessary or desired.  Some of you, however, will … (4 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Public Perception - 05/01/07 12:01 AM
Ladies and gentlemen of the public lend me your ears.
In spite of what your perception of what a real estat agent may be, please do not judge us by the actions of a few.
We come from many walks of life.  Some of us have a past that is golden and some of us do not.  Many are women and some are men.  Some of us have families to support and others of us do not.  Several of us have jobs during the day other than real estate and others of us do it full-time.
I write this article because of a recent … (6 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Blogging Through the Night - 04/27/07 11:01 PM
It's incredible.
When I logged into Active Rain this morning I saw that there were at least 20 postings so far this morning.  Folks, I am located on the right coast of the USA (in beautiful and historic Fredericksburg Virginia)  and it was about 0600 (6:00am for the uninitiated).  When I checked, the postings began a few minutes after midnight and have continued since.  Got me to wondering whether some of you are waking up in the middle of the night to lay claim to being the first posting to Active Rain for the day.
Thinking that most of us have better sense … (5 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: I Surrender! - 04/27/07 06:53 AM

For those who do not know me well . . .
I am a competitor.  I hate to lose.  I will not give up without a fight.  Nonetheless, the time has come that I have recognized I will not succeed in an endeavor I had just recently undertaken.
I knew  at a young age that I would never be a star in the NBA; could not jump.
I knew a little later on that I would never be a jockey; 6' 2" and 187 lbs in high school.
I knew as a young adult that I would never be a Rhodes Scholar; you figure … (11 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Fredericksburg Virginia - its quaint streets - 04/26/07 12:18 AM
Fredericksburg Virginia, an historic city located 50 miles south of Washington DC and 50 miles north of Richmond Virginia,  appeals to many tourists who come to the area to visit the many Civil War battlefields within a short driving distance from the city.
There are many quaint streets within the city.  Some are within the historic district and others are not.  Among them that is not is Littlepage Street
Like many small towns and citys, Fredericksburg has a way of defining certain areas based on their location.
Until a few years ago the University of Mary Washington was known as Mary Washington College.  Consequently, the … (8 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: OK Folks, who's doing all of the blogging work? - 04/24/07 01:53 AM
Here I am sitting in my one person (didn't say man because it may not be politically correct in this venue) office deciding how to amass all of the points I see some of my colleagues showing.  Not that points are that important (just repeating what some have written) in this blogging arena.
Since I am writing this from a small room in downtown Fredericksburg Virginia I will mention the two points leaders in the Old Dominion.  First is Allen Hainge (Real Estate Trainer) and Dave Rosenmarkle (Real Estate Agent).  Both have about 50,000 points and I have a paltry 23,106 as … (9 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: The Clock Has Started - 04/08/07 10:41 PM
Traditionally, this time of the year people start to look for their new home if moving is in their future.  Believe it or not, the school year is just about to end.  Those with families want to get the ball rolling so that they can get the children into the new school as the school year begins.
Am predicting that if the real estate market is to improve to any great degree we will see it in the next 4-6 weeks.  Relocation thoughts should have already been made and now comes the time for action if there is going to be any.
What are … (7 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Holiday Activity - 04/08/07 10:34 PM
The Easter weekend has passed.
When I did my daily MLS update I saw that activity over the weekend was minimal here in the Fredericksburg Virginia area.
Went to ActiveRain as part of my morning ritual and saw that postings yesterday were also minimal.  Was hoping that this subject had not been already posted.
Many years ago, more than fifteen to get close, there was a story told that people bought real estate without regard to holidays.  Guess that was to encourage people to take "desk duty" or sign up for "opportunity time" in offices that opted to be open on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and … (6 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Bedroom Community - 03/27/07 09:37 AM
Now that's a term if ever there was one.
First time I ever heard it was when we moved (in 19710) into a community just outside the "beltway" of Washington, DC named Lake Braddock.  It was the first exposure we had to the area and after overcoming "sticker shock" we settled in.
Folks, bedroom communities exist fifty miles south of Washington, DC now.  Some as far south as 65 miles!  We are not going to venture that far yet as we explore some of the communities in the vicinity of Fredericksburg Virginia.  This one is in Stafford County Virginia and it is called Leeland Station.  … (0 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: What's a PUD? - 03/26/07 11:37 PM
As the years go by, we are seeing more and more planned unit developments in our beautiful and historic area of Fredericksburg Virginia.
Let me digress for a moment.  In 1989, the year the real estate industry welcomed me into it, there were no more than three or four of them in our area.  Breezewood subdivision was one that opened a few years before.  Breezewood was one of the nicest communities is Spotsylvania.  Some of the older homes were rather unique but the newer ones were really nice.  Selling a home there reaped a nice commission.  As a planned unit developement (PUD), … (8 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: What Makes the Phone Ring? - 03/09/07 10:46 PM
A few minutes ago I was reading my friend Margaret Rome's blog about advertising.  Margaret proposed that a mixture of printed advertising and was the perfect mix for her.  Am sure that she is correct because she is one of the top marketers I have seen.
Nonetheless, in my seventeen years of practicing real estate sales in Fredericksburg Virginia, I have often been stymied when trying to determine the source of a call or email to me asking for assistance in real estate matters.  Sure it is easy when a former client calls; it is equally as easy to determine the … (4 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Fredericksburg Virgina Landmark For Locals and Military Families - 02/20/07 02:44 AM
Two days ago, one of historic Fredericksburg Virginia's landmarks opened for business again.  No, it's not a museum.  It's not an historic shrine either.  It isn't a new store in a new mall.  It's Carl's.
Never heard of it?  Well our friends, Jim and Ellen Crawford down in HotLanta are big fans of Carl's and they asked me to post something about it on Active Rain.
When we first moved to the Fredericksburg area, everone told us about the must "go to" places here.  Carl's was one of them.  They were quick to tell us that Carl's served the best frozen custard in … (5 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Tell It Like It Is - 02/16/07 06:25 AM
Somewhere out in blogosphere there is a force working to determine how the real estate market is in the United States of America.
Read a great piece with nice graphics by Caleb Mardini; Caleb is a great contributer (or is it contributor) to AR Network.  He presented some different "spins" on the market and each is worthy of some thought.
With your permission I will add a spin from my observation of the Fredericksburg Virginia area.  We are located midway between Washington, DC and Richmond, VA.  For many years we felt we were pretty well insulated from the mercurial movement of home sales … (1 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Historic Fredericksburg Virginia - Caroline Street - 02/09/07 07:02 PM
Fredericksburg Virginia is not a very big place.  It is midway between Richmond Virginia (50 miles to the south) and Washington DC (50 miles to the north) and sits astride Interstate 95.  Many people come here to visit the Civil War battlefields that are located within a 15 mile radius of Fredericksburg.  In addition to the Fredericksburg National Military Park (administered by the National Park Service), there are parks in Spotsylvania Courthouse, Chancellorsville, and the Wilderness.  Thousands of visitors are drawn to those parks annually.
Others come just to see what Historic Fredericksburg is all about.  One of the things I find interesting … (12 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Real Estate Teams - 02/08/07 07:57 AM
Back in the mid and late '70's my wife and a friend decided to work as a real estate team; Carol and Elise was formed.  Both were mothers with young children and were working with the same firm.  They became very productive and successful.  It was much easier for them to have the support of a team mate when scheduling appointments that might have conflicted with teacher conferences or the like.
In 1991 two of us from a local real estate office (Mount Vernon Realty) were interested in a new real estate company that was forming in the Fredericksburg Virginia area.  It … (2 comments)

fredericksburg virginia: Believe It Or Not - 02/06/07 05:23 AM
My apologies to Mr. Ripley.
This afternoon, when returning to my home office in downtown Historic Fredericksburg, I suddenly stopped my car on Lewis Street.  Am sure that my passenger thought that the old boy had lost it (again).
She asked "What are you doing?"
"Taking a picture of that tree." I replied.
"What tree?"
"The one in front of that old house there."
When she saw me pull out my trusty Nikon Coolpix L4 and start shooting (after tugging on the stem of the "mutant", she saw what had piqued my curiosity.
Here it is, and you have to trust me on this one.  This is not staged … (7 comments)

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