fredericksburg virginia real estate: There's A New Kid in Town - 10/21/09 01:19 AM
On the first of October 2009 a new face appeared on the real estate horizon of Historic Fredericksburg Virginia.  Fredericksburg Realty is in business.  The company was founded and operated by yours truly.  Another Active Rain blogger, Dawn DeGroff, joins the company in its new location at 910 Princess Anne Street.
If you are a consumer and would like more information about buying or selling a home in Fredericksburg, VA or the surrounding area (Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, or Caroline County) please visit us on the net or at our office.


fredericksburg virginia real estate: Fredericksburg Virginia Real Estate - Looking for a Full Service Real Estate Agent? - 10/05/07 08:11 AM
How many times have you read or heard someone say that they are a "Full Service" real estate agent?
I'll bet it has been more than a few. You may have even described yourself as being one; I know I have.
What does that term mean?
Remember the National Association of Realtors (R) saying that went something like this: "Real Estate is our Life"? Is that what we really wanted? Apparently, it was not since it disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived.
The other day I received a phone call from a representative of a homeowner's association. May be wrong but . . . I … (5 comments)

fredericksburg virginia real estate: "It's Incredible" - 02/21/07 10:21 PM
Remember going to a class years ago when the instructor suggested that we always respond with "It's incredible" when asked how the real estate market is.  The questioner then has to determine what you really mean.
The state of the real estate market in each of our areas probably differs a great deal.  As a matter of fact it may even vary so much that asking you that question today may get a different response than it would tomorrow.  Lots of variables enter into the equation!  If two of your listings got contracts on them and you made an appointment to show homes … (2 comments)

fredericksburg virginia real estate: My Life As A Mole - 02/17/07 10:27 PM
1 : any of numerous burrowing insectivores (especially family Talpidae) with tiny eyes, concealed ears, and soft fur2 : one who works in the dark3 : a machine for tunneling4 : a spy (as a double agent) who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage; broadly : one within an organization who passes on information
From the definitions above, to which do you think I am referrring?
Previous postings have described numerous aspects about living in historic Fredericksburg Virginia.  Even think that I have posted pictures of the home in which my wife and I live.  Briefly, it is an all brick … (6 comments)

fredericksburg virginia real estate: Bluemont Concert Series - 07/28/06 12:14 AM
Seems that I have been concentrating on the Fredericksburg Virginia real estate market on this blog and have forgotten to mention other things that are more important to more people than real estate.
Don't know how I have let the Bluemont Concerts go without mention on this blogsite.  They are truly one of the really worthwhile events taking place during the summer in Fredericksburg VA.  The concerts have become so popular that Stafford County has started to host their own concerts too.
The Bluemont Concert Series began in 1976 and their high quality presentations have become very popular throughout northwest and central Virginia.  … (0 comments)

fredericksburg virginia real estate: Fredericksburg Virginia Real Estate Market - 07/14/06 12:16 AM
Ever wonder what the real estate market is like in some other parts of the country? Homes for sale in the Fredericksburg VA region are growing and the number of homes sold is declining.  Surprised?
I have been tracking the local real estate market for over a year now.  Had indications last July that what had become a great market for sellers was changing.  Therefore, I was very surprised to see in a recent article that some of the gurus of real estate mentioned that the market began to change last December.  Not in my book!
In my opinion, the market began to … (0 comments)

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