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Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Rose 6.1% in September 2009-11-02 15:00:00.4 GMT Bob Willis Nov. 2 (Bloomberg) -- The number of contracts to buy previously owned homes in the U.S. rose in September for an eighth straight month as Americans rushed to meet a deadline for a home-buyer tax cr...
Image by magia3e via Flickr I found this a great start to giving ideas on how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog or website. What's best about using Twitter, is that it can gain some speedy viral sharing, via retweeting and reposting. I've used Twitter for just a short time and found th...
What is the FOUR Letter Word Asked About Most Frequently Regarding Social Media, at Social Media Marketing Seminars and Classes throughout the United States? (As originally posted on my blog at It's all revealed at the 1:45 mark in this video blog post by Ed Bisquera, Mortgage M...
I came across a post recently about the fact that Facebook will be offering Vanity Facebook URL's, starting this Friday, June 12th at 9 pm for registration. You can read more at the Facebook blog and you'll want to bookmark the registration page, to secure your vanity ID right away. Here's the s...
As a Mortgage Consultant with Bill, I have to reiterate that finding and working with a KNOWLEDGEABLE mortgage professional is key to seeing a CLOSED deal, where everyone wins, homebuyer gets into home and we all happily cash our paychecks! :-) The fallout below is one of 3 that came from one of ...
Yes, the Wizard is in town and is able to grant the ability to buy a home in today's market.  Will you be the one to click your heels and utter "There's no place like home??" While the below post from the LA Times indicates FHA troubled mortgages are on the rise, the fact remains that it's still ...
This is a great explanation of the qualifications on an FHA Streamline Refinance. Ken Cook explains it well and I'm glad to repost this blog post of his. Any questions on FHA Streamline Refinancing in the Pacific Northwest feel free to call me at (360) 597-8283.Once upon a time in a land where ga...
CNN (NBC, CBS, ABC, you fill in the blank for idiot networks PRETENDING to be the deliverer of accurate housing and financing news) DOES NOT OFFER MORTGAGES NOR DO THEY HAVE A CLUE! My fellow colleague, Ken Cook of Atlanta, Georgia has a post I find very revealing and explains what the media know...
This program is an unsung product right now, given that it's really only a couple of months old at most.  But getting this information into the right hands will allow us to become better at providing real world, real solutions to helping homebuyers take advantage of historic pricing and low rates...
[For the most current issue click here] February 24, 2009 Real Estate & Economic Report from Ed Bisquera of Mortgage Express in the metro markets of Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington. Featuring news for homebuyers, homeowners, realtors and the general real estate market. Watch this video ...

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