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ID – A growing problemConfirming the identity of the affiant is a complex issue. Notary laws regarding ID requirements vary by state. Some states are very specific and have a list of what constitutes proper ID. They may or may not permit the use of a substantiating witness. I am not aware of any ...
Feedback BlackmailA little background. A few months ago while shopping on one of my supply sites – I noticed a major change to their home page. The entire home page was now devoted to the story of their recent and only “negative” feedback, breaking a 20 year spotless record. In summary; they sent...
Today – A Day Different from all OthersOf course my title is absolutely true. Unless you have mastered the art and science of time travel; every day is a different day. But, more to the (hopefully) relevant point: that phrase, and appropriate variations have been used by me for a very long time. ...
Twas the night before Closing'Twas the night before Signing, the LO a louse, Not a charge was a missing, if they wanted that house; The edocs were printed by the notary with care, In hopes that St. Borrower soon would be there;The children were nestled all snug in their beds, They knew not what d...
What a good Notary will refuse to do  Most of my work is quite routine. I verify that the proper notorial wording is in place; making minor corrections as necessary. Next, the venue in completed, generally “State of New York, County of New York”; and the date in the notary section is entered. I v...
Certified Copy of an Apostille?Sometimes I am in awe of the machinations suggested to reduce notary fees. I have just been asked to process a college degree with an Apostille. Routine. However, the client also has asked me to additionally prepare a “certified copy” of the Apostille bearing docume...
Signing of the Absurd (by Notary)No, I’m not referring to the contents of a document that you are about to notarize. You don’t have to read (except for the notary section) when you notarize the signature of the affiant. It’s their responsibility to determine if they agree with the content, not yo...
Bank Notary Refused because I am not a CustomerThat is not only rude, impolite and bad business; it’s also illegal. On my web site there is a link for Notary Laws and Procedures. At that link leads to a direct link to the official notary law for New York State...
Payment Terms? Set by Buyer or Seller?As often discussed "in the old days" the "Closer" had "pickups" and earned a significantly higher fee than current signing agents. Sure they took risk, but the higher fee (often several hundred dollars) made up for the few that did not fund..... Fast forward ...
When the Notary does not "Walk the Line" With apologies to Johnny Cash: Look at your Notary ID card, then say or sing: “Because you're mine, I walk the line”. We all are experiencing a lean time. Calls of all kinds are fewer and the fees offered are at an all time low. There are far too many nota...

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