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WHY notaries are asked to wait for their PayRegulars will recall my thoughts about “do the work now” – get paid Much later (or not at all). In this blog entry I will explore the reason for, and the history of this nearly unique payment morass.In virtually every other transaction, cash, order by p...
An Unreasonable Client calls a Manhattan mobile notaryThe lady calls and needs to have a Power of Attorney notarized. I quote her my standard notary fee for midtown Manhattan. “The notary fee in NY State is two dollars” she tells me. I inform her that I am a mobile notary and go to her, and there...
When to Dump a Notary SigningDumping (backing out of or adjourning) a signing is to be avoided at (almost) all costs. However, that “almost” does allow for some exceptions. As Signing Agents many people are depending on us to perform on time, flawlessly, and without fail. Unfortunately, that is s...
The First Name Notary Law - total BS explained to me  I meet a lot of people as a notary. Very few of them are notaries. Some, fortunately very few; proclaim themselves as experts on notary law and procedures. Of the more comical are the signing related personnel who have the (fictitious) power t...
An Absurd Forgery of “my” Notarization I have just been speaking with an insurance company investigator. When the caller identified themselves I took the precaution of verifying the caller via several methods. Once convinced of the caller identity the facts were relayed to me. I then proved the d...
Everyone including Notaries: Beware of catching “OPP”Recent reports on this and other notary “gathering places” indicate a dramatic increase in the spread of OPP. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC) has researched this phenomenon; and reported truly starting virulence. To thei...
One has to be careful when changing the venue, there can be unpredictable side effects. I was notarizing a deed for a client. The preprinted values were for some (forgotten by me) county in Montana. Naturally the state given was Montana too.I neatly redacted both State and County; drawing a thin ...
24x7 365 day Notary Service Defined     Many who advertise 24x7-365 have an answering machine which often directs you to call some other number - often, especially late at night; you get another answering machine. Worse still, both of the answering machines give a "sales pitch" - and claim "someo...
You DON’T go to Notarize name contractionsMany notaries have lost sight of their primary responsibility, and feel it is their primary mission to go to the assignment to notarize the signatures. This is not the case. The primary mission is to determine if the documents / IDs – qualify for notariza...
Signing Agent & The Seven Dwarfs LOsThere is much to be learned from the Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. While I have had no experience as a notary with Snow White; I have worked with LOs that classify easily into the latter. Covered in no particular order by http://kenneth-a-ed...

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