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Don’t Die TryingTight schedules are part of being a notary. “Can you be here in less than half an hour” is a common request. Edocs come late, borrowers have to leave at a certain time, the LO is stressing how you are “being depended on” to meet your commitment (even though the docs are late). The...
It’s NOT “Finger Licking Good”SLURP! Went the borrower, like a giant St. Bernard eager to welcome the children home from school, and lick their faces. SLURP – again went the borrower to their fingers to “wet” them so they could grasp the page of paper. At that time near “barf” went I.I do not lic...
Once upon a signing drearyOnce upon a signing dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of mortgage, HUD and TIL lore, While I nodded, with borrower nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of a demon gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. 'Tis ...
One Person, Many Names – Quite LegalAs I write this blog entry, I mentally kick myself for being so positive, for so long, and so wrong. For well over a decade I have been a notary. It has always been my firm belief that any person, at any point in time has only ONE legal name. I am positive many...
A “Senior” ConfusionAs a – I interact with many corporate officers. Also, the same as most notaries I work with people who have suffixes to their name. Common suffixes are Jr. and Sr. – It is vital to differentiate between the “generations” of people with basically t...
Rogue anti-notary notary lures notaries 2 act "lawyer" with fuzzy jobDo you remember those fuzzy qupee dolls at carnivals?  The ones where you throw the 3 baseballs, knock down 3 dolls and take your pick of the prize. Those dolls were sure mighty fuzzy. Hard as I tried to knock them over the base...
Dealing with the “Company” NotaryProfessionals, the ones reading my humble words, know how to, and are willing to, put forth the effort to notarize each document correctly, legally and completely. This is often (in my experience) not the case when dealing with the Company notary. This person usua...
Don’t let them put words in your notary sectionThis time it was “way over the top.” Over the years I have had many attempts to “add words” to my notary section. Today’s was the “ultimate.”Loosely quoting the document: “Before me the undersigned authority appeared Ms. Doe with a rightful claim to ...
Time Management – Essential for Mobile Notary and Agents“A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade”  Abraham Lincoln   I don’t know if Mr. Lincoln was also a notary – but his words certainly apply to Notaries as well as Lawyers. As a it’s very importan...
Showdown at the County ClerkIt started out as a routine assignment. I was requested to notarize the signature of the Registrar at one of the local colleges. This is a routine requirement for subsequent Apostille processing. New York is very strict about notarizations applied to educational docume...

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