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How to Chase Away ClientsThrough the years, by accident, inattention or just plain stupidity – I have chased away some clients. We all have. Miztakes are a normal part of the human existence. Show me someone who claims to never make mistakes; I will show you a delusional individual. Probably the ...
I interrupt this BlogThe vast majority of my blog entries are notary related. Occasionally I write something on the silly or humorous side. This one is a bit different, it’s personal. I’m going to share a magical moment that I experienced, nothing whatsoever to do with notarizations. The wife and...
Notaries for 2 Big USA ProblemsNot wanting to keep you in suspense, first let me state the two big problems. The first is a lack of understanding and appreciation for folks who are, for whatever reason; different. The second problem is, as perceived by many; a distrust of our government, at virtu...
My War with MiceWe have a small camper; it’s parked in a storage lot in upstate New York. After years of finding black rice shaped droppings – I declared war. They were in the silverware drawer (yuck), mixed in with clothing, in the sink, on the rug – yup; the little fiends had moved in. And, the...
Manage Incoming CallsWhen individuals call for non-signing work the first question they usually ask is “How much is a Notary.” Of course there is no simple answer based on the non-existent details. You need to find out details of the job request. It certainly would cost more than my usual fee if ...
Good Deed or Bad DeedA deed is a document that transfers ownership of real estate from grantor to grantee. As there are usually two parties involved, the grantee wants to “receive the most” and the grantor wants to “give the least”. For this reason there is a gradient of “what is given”, ranging ...
Disgusting - Nobody wanted the JobI write this with a combination of sadness and rage. First, let me clear up the use of the word disgusting. That refers to the “so called” “Notaries” who flat out refused the assignment that will be the topic of this entry. I hope some of them will read this blog...
The Signature/Name Affidavit - Often not fully completedIt is most likely that you are not processing this simple form properly. First, the good news; of all the forms in various loan packages this one is probably one of the most uniform. There really is little variation in how this form is struc...
The Ultimate RecipientThe ultimate recipient of a document is the most authoritative person regarding the issue of document acceptability. Often the UR is the last person to receive the notarized document. Why bring this up? You might want to add the term UR to your notary lexicon. The remainder ...
Record Initials ProperlyThey’re such little things. How can initials possibly be recorded wrong? Well, there are many ways to receive a “this is a mess, you have to go back and have it redone” call. This installment will cover the art and science of doing the initials properly. But first a discla...

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