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Remote Control home / any PC from Cell PhoneMy career with computers often required the remote control of distant PCs. In that commercial environment I used a tool called Remotely Anywhere, it’s still available. RA is feature rich, a tool for the PC technician needing to analyze and resolve remot...
Notary as Also a Witness - can lead to problemsDespite the popular expression, this Old Dog is learning new tricks. But first, a little background as to how I “used to” handle this issue. When I am able to review in advance the docs (edoc) I always would scan to see if there was a witness require...
My Friend Shredder - You need one, a good one; use it oftenActually, I have two “friends” named Shredder. The first Shredder is a chess program installed on both my PC and Android cell phone. Shredder adapts to my playing strength giving me a fair chance at winning. However, when I do win; it ada...
He She or They - Gender issues in notarization / legal documents Sage notaries have often mentioned the “requirement” (in quotes because the laws regarding this issue probably vary by state) to cross out the irrelevant sections in a notary section. They reason that the notary is responsible to re...
A Newbie at Title Co.- Has no clue what is "notary legal"Most of our jobs are quite routine. Once in a while, thankfully not often; something crosses our path that is extraordinary. It could be very nice, or a mess; as you might have expected – I write about a mess. The docs are the docs, we are ...
Why you need an Apostille - document leaving USAWe all know what it means to have a document notarized. The notary, a sworn independent officer of the state verifies your signature and identity documents. The notary then proceeds to place the notary stamp and embosser on the document. At this poi...
The Spies You Look At & what will stop them, cell & PCThere are two primary ones, and there are certainly others. The main ones are your cell phone and your PC. Make no mistake; they both are definitely spying on you. They report to the “mother ship” virtually all of your activities. Why? This is...
The Ones That Got Away - Sometimes that's not so badIt happens to all of us. We put time and effort into establishing an assignment, then it goes poof. Did we do something wrong? Possibly. If someone is fishing for the absolute lowest price for the “equivalent” of what you do; that may or may not...
Put up or Shut up (say Title, Escrow or Signing Service)I write this from the viewpoint of the Title, Escrow, Signing Service, etc. I am looking for a reasonably priced, no hassle, dependable Notary. I want a Notary that I can depend on to do the job right, taking up a minimum amount of my time. ...
Manhattan Notary Ride Prior to writing this blog installment I chose the 3rd assignment of the following day to chronicle. It turned out to be a routine business document at a midtown location. Like they say “getting there is half the fun”! Note: Dashboard mounted camera for hands off safety empl...

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