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Self Notarization Landmine I’m referring to the form where you are the only person signing. Ignoring the fact that the form asks you to notarize your own statement, what it says can haunt you later. Yes, I know; you feel the statements are the absolute truth. What harm can it do? It’s not a filed...
Power of Attorney - Notary Processing Mistakes Playing Lawyer You’re going there to notarize, that’s what you do. The caller asked you to bring some blank copies of a “standard” Power of Attorney. I think not. There many different formats to the Power of Attorney document. Selecting, as when you ...
Strike Three, Notary is Out – No PayIt’s your turn at bat. You’re walking from the dugout and glance at the scoreboard. You notice that, even prior to reaching the batter’s box; there is one strike against you. Many notary jobs start exactly the same way. You are going to a new client to notarize...
Dress British, Think YiddishLong ago, about half a century (honest), I was given those four words as the secret to success in business. The same sage advice applies equally to both sexes; to all races and, well, to everyone. A very compact and easy to remember slogan – its simplicity hides a mult...
Notary for a USA President CandidateThe call comes in for an urgent notarization. We need to file some important paperwork within the next 2 hours; can you positively guarantee arrival within that timeframe? Knowing the 5 star hotel was only a mile away I replied “sure”. Oddly, for an “individual...
Lame Replies to Mobile NotaryThere are just about zero search results for someone who offers a walk in notary service in Manhattan; and has no other service offerings. A “notary only” walk in location is, with NYC rents, the surest and quickest way to going bankrupt. Some offer walk in notary ser...
Notaries cannot function as Attorneys“What should I do?” is a common question asked. Usually the client wanting “how should I proceed” type of advice, has a legal or procedural issue to resolve. Notaries are forbidden to engage in the illegal practice of law. Giving “what to do” is considered leg...
YOU ARE a FelonWork in a bank, the jewelry industry, or a high end shop? If so, you probably have become desensitized to the monetary values around you. They are just “stuff” that must be handled with an eye to accountability. You know it’s not your property, and you really don’t want what you ca...
To Notarize or Not to Notarize To notarize, or not to notarize--that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the courts to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fraudOr to take arms against a sea of hucksters And by opposing end them. To Ack, to Jurat-- No more--and by our commissions to say...
The Flow of the LoanWe have all seen the TV Mortgage ads for Loan refinancing. They also offer, for the various banks and lending institutions; purchase loans for the first time buyer needing a mortgage. Many of the loan ads, not all but probably most; are placed by mortgage brokers. For many bor...

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