apostille: Why you need an Apostille - document leaving USA - 02/10/18 12:26 PM
Why you need an Apostille - document leaving USA
We all know what it means to have a document notarized. The notary, a sworn independent officer of the state verifies your signature and identity documents. The notary then proceeds to place the notary stamp and embosser on the document. At this point, your signature has been verified and your document is, after the notary oath, considered notarized. But, there is the reason for an Apostille: considered notarized by whom? If the stamp of the notary is unknown to the receiver of the document, it adds little value. I, http://kenneth-a-edelstein.com have notarized thousands of documents. … (2 comments)

apostille: Really Long Distance Venue Fraud - Complacent Notary - 12/28/17 06:43 PM
Really Long Distance Venue Fraud
We all know what the Venue is. It contains the State (or Commonwealth, etc) and the County (or Parish, etc.) of the notarization. Specifically, it documents where the notary (not the affiant in some cases) signed the document. If an Acknowledgement is being issued; the affiant could have signed the document in Japan, and have their signature acknowledged in New York. There is no need to witness the actual signing (at least in NY State) when issuing an Acknowledgement. The one constant is that the Venue documents where the Notary signed, that does not change.
But, of course, … (0 comments)

apostille: Getting a Birth Certificate with no ID – Solved - 12/03/17 09:34 PM
Getting a Birth Certificate with no ID – Solved
I frequently get calls from people who need a document notarized because they have no ID. They are trying to get a copy of their birth certificate to rebuild a lost/stolen set of identification papers. But, the classic problem of needing ID to get ID comes into play. They want something notarized to apply for the key document – the certified copy of their birth certificate.
Of course I cannot comply with their request, as they lack “government issued photo ID”; my standard for notarization. However, I do provide them with the solution to their … (2 comments)

apostille: Certified Copy of an Apostille? - 11/25/17 09:29 PM
Certified Copy of an Apostille?
Sometimes I am in awe of the machinations suggested to reduce notary fees. I have just been asked to process a college degree with an Apostille. Routine. However, the client also has asked me to additionally prepare a “certified copy” of the Apostille bearing document! Of course this is totally illegal; and it’s worthwhile to explore the issues involved.
“Student Copies” of educational related documents (degrees, transcripts, etc.) are illegal to notarize in New York State. Photocopies do not include the anti-tamper protections commonly incorporated into the original documents. “Photoshop Magicians” have been known to change the grades; … (0 comments)

apostille: Get the right “Apostille” - 11/25/17 07:47 AM
Get the right “Apostille”
An Apostille is basically an addition to a notarized (or officially issued) document – to make the item acceptable in countries other than the country of issue. The Apostille bearing document is generally of a “personal” nature; as opposed to business documents. Personal documents include Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce certificates. Also considered personal are affidavits, statements of fact; created by individuals for various purposes. Business documents include, but are certainly not limited to: Statements of Incorporation, business contracts, and powers of attorney for business transactions. A personal power of attorney is generally considered a personal document. As … (0 comments)

apostille: The complexity of Embassy or Consulate Legalization - 11/24/17 12:06 PM
The complexity of Embassy or Consulate Legalization
Each country sets their own rules for legalization. It’s often a bewildering maze of regulations and procedures that must be followed to the letter – for the legalization stamps to be issued. There is no common procedure whatsoever. At one end of the scale, you can walk in and have your document legalized while you wait. The other extreme involves sending your documents on a convoluted path; often requiring they be shipped to Washington DC – more than once. Some countries have explicit instructions on their web site – others require many phone calls to … (0 comments)

apostille: The pitfall of shortcut Apostille Processing. - 12/30/09 02:05 AM
The pitfall of shortcut Apostille Processing. There is a right way and a wrong way to process documents to obtain an Apostille. Most of the time there is only the right way. However, there is often a "shortcut" to speed up the process. The most common situation that offers a shortcut is the out of state birth certificate. The right way for http://kenneth-a-edelstein.com to process and obtain an Apostille for an out of state birth certificate is to obtain the Apostille in the state where the birth certificate was issued. However, sometimes my client is "in a hurry" and wants me … (1 comments)

apostille: Notary Fingerprinting - Getting acceptable prints the first time - 07/04/08 06:34 AM
Fifth in a series of articles on the Notary Profession. This article covers Fingerprinting; "unique", perhaps one of the most misused words, truly applies to our fingerprints. I will discuss why we have fingerprints, some of the earliest uses, a bit about types and classifications; and how to obtain fingerprints that will be acceptable. We leave fingerprints whenever we touch something; but the requirements for acceptable prints include proper preparation, environmental control and a skilled technician.
             The earliest use of fingerprints was in ancient Babylon, on clay tablets to record business transactions. Fingerprints are a much more humane way to … (1 comments)

apostille: Apostille - The International Notarization - 06/28/08 10:16 AM
Fourth in a series of articles on the Notary Profession. This article covers the Apostille, which provides a methodology for the International acceptance of Notarizations. Targeted to personal needs, as opposed to business transactions; signatory nations agreed to honor Apostille bearing instruments as if the underlying notarization occurred within their own boarders. The primary effect was to shift "Authentication" of the notarization from the receiving country's Embassy/Consulate to the sending country's State Department or other authorized body.
            At The Hague "Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents", 90+ sovereign nations agreed to accept notarized … (4 comments)

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