bad notary: When Good Notaries go Bad - 10/15/18 11:09 AM
When Good Notaries go Bad
The stories you are about to hear are true, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. In truth I really don’t know the names. The sites I did check that offer illicit activities are very stealthy. Then not only omit any information about themselves on their site, they also mask their domain registration. With only a “throw away” cell number and lots of self praise – to offer very convenient, albeit illegal services.
One offers to Apostille your signed document (signed by an individual, not a registered public official) by mail. Just ship it in with … (0 comments)

bad notary: Bad things that Notaries do - 10/14/18 05:58 AM
Bad things that Notaries do
Some notaries do bad things. They do bad things mostly to themselves, but also to others. With the assumption that the notary is not doing illegal things; the major causative factor in “notary failure and discontent” might be the lack of a business plan. Unless you are a “hobby notary” whose chief aim is to be popular and useful to others; it’s likely your desire is to earn a profit. The fancy term is “cost benefit analysis” but plain old “is it worth it to me” works too. There are many things you can do to increase … (0 comments)

bad notary: To notarize, or not to notarize--that is the question - 06/24/18 06:18 PM
To Notarize or Not to Notarize
To notarize, or not to notarize--that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the courts to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fraud
Or to take arms against a sea of hucksters
And by opposing end them. To Ack, to Jurat--
No more--and by our commissions to say we end
The foolishness, and the thousand natural shocks
That our clients are heir to. 'Tis a Judgement
Devoutly to be wished. To Jurat to Acknowledge--
To Notarize--perchance Legally: ay, there's the rub,
For in that signature of death what fraud may come
When we have signed off … (0 comments)

bad notary: Do Unto Others - 05/21/18 09:43 AM
Do Unto Others
We all know the “Golden Rule”, Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you. There are some circumstances where a subtle addition to the end of that sentence might be appropriate. I add “but do it first”. Thus where you know NeverPaySigningServiceLLC won’t send that check; get a PayPal (or other similar service) payment prior to printing. If you are sure they will change the specifications after fee agreement; insist all job requirements be stated on the confirmation. This covers the “harsh reality” aspect of what we do.
On a much more positive note, the “do it … (0 comments)

bad notary: How to be the world's WORST notary / signing agent - 08/15/08 04:58 PM
Never write things down - rely on your good memory. Book EVERY call that you get and go to the one that pays the most. Use the same stamp for life - after you cut off the "99" from the date then cut off the "19" and just write in the 2000 year. Never clean your stamp. Dress shabby - looking poor might get you a tip. Arrive late - they will appreciate you more when you finally show. Ignore all rules - backdate, fax notarizations, loan out your stamp and seal when you are on vacation - for a commission … (4 comments)

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