certification: Notary Respect - 09/13/18 12:09 PM
Notary Respect
“When you arrive at the building, please use the service entrance.” That was the closing sentence from a client for an assignment in a midtown Manhattan office building. I called, and made it quite clear that was not the way I would proceed. “I do not use the back door; I am a commissioned officer of the State Department of the State of New York on official business. I do not use the messenger or pizza delivery entrance. If you will kindly confirm to me that a pass will be waiting for me in the main lobby, I will be … (1 comments)

certification: Get the right “Apostille” - 11/25/17 07:47 AM
Get the right “Apostille”
An Apostille is basically an addition to a notarized (or officially issued) document – to make the item acceptable in countries other than the country of issue. The Apostille bearing document is generally of a “personal” nature; as opposed to business documents. Personal documents include Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce certificates. Also considered personal are affidavits, statements of fact; created by individuals for various purposes. Business documents include, but are certainly not limited to: Statements of Incorporation, business contracts, and powers of attorney for business transactions. A personal power of attorney is generally considered a personal document. As … (0 comments)

certification: The pitfall of shortcut Apostille Processing. - 12/30/09 02:05 AM
The pitfall of shortcut Apostille Processing. There is a right way and a wrong way to process documents to obtain an Apostille. Most of the time there is only the right way. However, there is often a "shortcut" to speed up the process. The most common situation that offers a shortcut is the out of state birth certificate. The right way for http://kenneth-a-edelstein.com to process and obtain an Apostille for an out of state birth certificate is to obtain the Apostille in the state where the birth certificate was issued. However, sometimes my client is "in a hurry" and wants me … (1 comments)

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