difficult: Notary – What would you do? Complex Situations - Tough Choices - 05/29/18 05:57 PM
Notary – What would you do?
Assume in most questions that nobody answers your frantic “what should I do” calls.
A)   The buyer side loan package is huge, 235 pages. You glance thru the package and notice that the borrower’s name was misspelled, dozens of times. You don’t discover this till “at the table”.
       Plow thru all the necessary changes, figuring it’s your fault because you did not verify what the ID was and what the correct spelling was.        Dozens of corrections would probably void the package; you adjourn the session and call your employer.        Borrower has software that can … (1 comments)

difficult: The Notary brought Flowers - 11/24/17 02:21 AM
The Notary brought Flowers
Everyone who deals with the public runs into strange situations, notaries are not an exception. Naturally, the names are omitted; but the events are accurately portrayed. I get a call from a young lady lawyer with an estate settlement “holdup”. One of the witnesses to the signing of the 12 year old will was notarized improperly. The Probate Court is insisting on a notarized statement from that witness; in effect – re-notarizing her signature. Of course the notarization date is “in the present” – but the witness, alas “doesn’t want to be bothered”.
Not being an attorney, I don’t … (0 comments)

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