document: When you say I DO - it’s not what you think - 10/01/18 03:52 PM
When you say I DO - it’s not what you think
First the title, the entry has nothing to do with a marriage ceremony. Perhaps my details delve into a situation with greater risk. At the wedding the question is “do you take ,,,,,”. My question is (with some variations) – Do you swear or affirm that these are your signatures, that you read and understood these documents; and that the statements contained are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.
 I’m waiting for a yes, or I do. Very rarely (actually only once in 10+ years) do I … (1 comments)

document: Notary Respect - 09/13/18 12:09 PM
Notary Respect
“When you arrive at the building, please use the service entrance.” That was the closing sentence from a client for an assignment in a midtown Manhattan office building. I called, and made it quite clear that was not the way I would proceed. “I do not use the back door; I am a commissioned officer of the State Department of the State of New York on official business. I do not use the messenger or pizza delivery entrance. If you will kindly confirm to me that a pass will be waiting for me in the main lobby, I will be … (1 comments)

document: Are you practicing law by drawing a signature line? - 08/01/18 07:39 AM
Are you practicing law by drawing a signature line?
As usual my opening ambiguous answer: it depends. Depends on what you are probably thinking. Well IMHO it depends on where that line is to be drawn. I view items to be notarized as consisting of two sections. The document and the notary section, the former is outside of my “sphere of influence. Conversely, the notary section is my domain exclusively.
I have a simple policy regarding the document area, I don’t touch it, nada; not at all. If a correction is to be made in the document, the affiant(s) make it, and they … (0 comments)

document: To notarize, or not to notarize--that is the question - 06/24/18 06:18 PM
To Notarize or Not to Notarize
To notarize, or not to notarize--that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the courts to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fraud
Or to take arms against a sea of hucksters
And by opposing end them. To Ack, to Jurat--
No more--and by our commissions to say we end
The foolishness, and the thousand natural shocks
That our clients are heir to. 'Tis a Judgement
Devoutly to be wished. To Jurat to Acknowledge--
To Notarize--perchance Legally: ay, there's the rub,
For in that signature of death what fraud may come
When we have signed off … (0 comments)

document: My Friend Shredder - You need one, a good one; use it often - 02/10/18 01:06 PM
My Friend Shredder - You need one, a good one; use it often
Actually, I have two “friends” named Shredder. The first Shredder is a chess program installed on both my PC and Android cell phone. Shredder adapts to my playing strength giving me a fair chance at winning. However, when I do win; it adapts its playing strength to become a bit tougher to beat. On the cell phone, Shredder helps pass the “waiting time” for the CEO to appear. For chess fans interested, I am rated by Shredder at about 1200 ELO.
The other shredder is a physical device, a paper … (2 comments)

document: Why you need an Apostille - document leaving USA - 02/10/18 12:26 PM
Why you need an Apostille - document leaving USA
We all know what it means to have a document notarized. The notary, a sworn independent officer of the state verifies your signature and identity documents. The notary then proceeds to place the notary stamp and embosser on the document. At this point, your signature has been verified and your document is, after the notary oath, considered notarized. But, there is the reason for an Apostille: considered notarized by whom? If the stamp of the notary is unknown to the receiver of the document, it adds little value. I, have notarized thousands of documents. … (2 comments)

document: Disgusting - Nobody wanted the (Notary) Job - 12/28/17 02:56 PM
Disgusting - Nobody wanted the Job
I write this with a combination of sadness and rage. First, let me clear up the use of the word disgusting. That refers to the “so called” “Notaries” who flat out refused the assignment that will be the topic of this entry. I hope some of them will read this blog entry and, perhaps, change their ways.
The call was from a distant location, one that would require double my local fee. Initially, prior to learning the details, I informed the caller about 123notary and Notary Rotary. I suggested they search using their zip code to find … (2 comments)

document: The Ultimate Recipient - Makes the Accept or Reject Decision - 12/28/17 02:32 PM
The Ultimate Recipient
The ultimate recipient of a document is the most authoritative person regarding the issue of document acceptability. Often the UR is the last person to receive the notarized document. Why bring this up? You might want to add the term UR to your notary lexicon. The remainder of this installment will discuss why, and a few examples will be used to illustrate the value of UR.
I wish I had a buck for every time I have spoken: “I do not have either the authority or the knowledge to answer your question”. The public generally has IMHO a high regard … (0 comments)

document: Signing of the Absurd (by Notary) - 11/25/17 09:22 PM
Signing of the Absurd (by Notary)
No, I’m not referring to the contents of a document that you are about to notarize. You don’t have to read (except for the notary section) when you notarize the signature of the affiant. It’s their responsibility to determine if they agree with the content, not yours. Actually, I will be discussing documents that you, the notary, sign – and sign alone. Yup, you are signing “as a notary” but nobody else is present for you to check their ID or give them the oath.
What I am referring to are those incredibly one sided “sign … (2 comments)

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