fee: The Joy of Saying NO (to lowball notary fees) - 10/14/18 05:13 PM
The Joy of Saying NO
A call comes in from SSS (Sleazy Signing Service) asking if I was available to do a notary job. “Yes” I reply; please tell me more. The job is “precisely” 1.3 miles from your location. It has a single “tiny” PDF. There are “about” 12 pages, and we will provide a return account number for making a UPS label, at no cost to you. I am starting to get the feeling that this is a bottom fisher, but am curious as to the location. Where is the signing to be done? They give a location in the … (0 comments)

fee: Bad things that Notaries do - 10/14/18 05:58 AM
Bad things that Notaries do
Some notaries do bad things. They do bad things mostly to themselves, but also to others. With the assumption that the notary is not doing illegal things; the major causative factor in “notary failure and discontent” might be the lack of a business plan. Unless you are a “hobby notary” whose chief aim is to be popular and useful to others; it’s likely your desire is to earn a profit. The fancy term is “cost benefit analysis” but plain old “is it worth it to me” works too. There are many things you can do to increase … (0 comments)

fee: Notary Insults - Brokers & Realtors too? - 08/20/18 08:37 AM
Notary Insults
I get a call after 11PM, on a week night; someone has “about” 15 documents that they need notarized prior to 6AM. He tells me he had someone lined up, but they failed to show and were no longer reachable on their cell phone. The meeting would be “in about an hour”. I give him a reasonable notary fee, considering the hour, and the amount of notarizations. He feigns shock. “I thought it would cost me “chump change””. I guess he figured I was a “chump” and worked for “change”. Not liking my fee he says he “might” call back … (1 comments)

fee: A Job Declined - 08/20/18 08:11 AM
A Job Declined
Are you available for a “simple” job late tonight? Up goes my alert status. The caller used two vague take advantage of the notary words. When they say the job is simple it generally has more strings attached to it than a cat with a ball of yarn. Also, late tonight can have many definitions. So I reply with my standard request to know the What, When and Where and if there are any other aspects that I should know about. I’m glad I asked.
The affiant is flying in to Newark airport, not too far from Manhattan. The flight … (0 comments)

fee: Dress British, Think Yiddish - 07/16/18 12:01 PM
Dress British, Think Yiddish
Long ago, about half a century (honest), I was given those four words as the secret to success in business. The same sage advice applies equally to both sexes; to all races and, well, to everyone. A very compact and easy to remember slogan – its simplicity hides a multiplicity of actions that you should consider. It’s time for me to delve into those four simple words.
Dress British – it does not mean that you need to purchase a wardrobe from the UK. The words acknowledge that the British are well renown for dressing impeccably. Clothes make the … (1 comments)

fee: Bouncey Bouncey PayPal, OK "most" of the time - 05/27/18 09:25 AM
Bouncey Bouncey PayPal
It has always been my policy to require payment in advance for a variety of situations. If the job requires me at 4AM, if the caller tried to be “vague”, even if the job is very distant and requires extensive travel. PAID – sounded nice, but it really is a construct when using PayPal that does not include absoluteness. The payer can “bounce” the payment. The PP system is designed to protect the buyer not the merchant. That is a good thing, but can have unexpected implications.
On the good side, I tried to buy a camera from an individual … (0 comments)

fee: They Want a Refund - 05/21/18 09:57 AM
They Want A Refund
It’s a very routine start to the project. We agree on a time and a place. The document is sent to me via email and I am assured the affiant will be on site as scheduled with proper ID. It was a cold morning in Manhattan, wind chill about 25F, but the little Honda Civic cranked to life. Appointment was way downtown so I allocated an hour to reach the distant location. I had printed 3 sets of the document. One for the affiant to ship, one for affiant to keep, and a backup to recover from any … (4 comments)

fee: How to Chase Away Clients - Notary Example, but applies to others too - 12/28/17 03:37 PM
How to Chase Away Clients
Through the years, by accident, inattention or just plain stupidity – I have chased away some clients. We all have. Miztakes are a normal part of the human existence. Show me someone who claims to never make mistakes; I will show you a delusional individual. Probably the most offensive mistakes are those resulting in a lack of judgment. The perpetrator knows what they are doing – it’s just that their “bright idea” is offensive to the recipient of their “wisdom”.
I will start out with the antics of a foolish notary that I personally know. And, know … (0 comments)

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