legal: What they need or what they ask for? - 11/14/18 09:41 AM
What they need or what they ask for?
I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, never claimed to be. However, sometimes I find myself working with a very dim bulb indeed. I receive the edocs and find the bank had the first name as Matthew; title and escrow had the first name as Matt. A somewhat routine problem that can be solved a number of ways. The problem stems from the absolutely horrible procedure of taking title in anything other than the purchaser’s correct legal name. I’m nearly confident that with all cash, I can take title to a house giving … (0 comments)

legal: Signing Agent Pitfall Avoidance by Mindset Awareness - 09/13/18 12:19 PM
Signing Agent Pitfall Avoidance by Mindset Awareness
No, I’m not going to present to you for the umpteenth time the same old “must do” and “must not do”. They have been covered – extensively, in blog articles and on the forum. If you don’t know how to properly request the initials of Mr. Red Green-Blue III, or the difference between a Venue and a Jurat – you won’t find the answers here. Rather, I will delve into the notary mindset, and related mindset awareness. Don’t worry, no rants or religious dogma will follow. But, I do hope to get you to think … (0 comments)

legal: Notarize JUST the Name - 09/13/18 12:04 PM
Notarize JUST the Name
We are all familiar with the two most common notary actions. The Jurat: “Sworn to and Subscribed…….”, and the Acknowledgement: “This instrument was Acknowledged before me…..”. I’m not going to cover the not so subtle differences between the two of them. What will be discussed is the expansion of the notary statement to include virtually anything.
I just shipped off an Edoc. I had to redact (no changes were made, no replacement text, just a thin line thru with my initials at the end of the line) some superfluous verbiage. Before I get into the details let me credit … (0 comments)

legal: You have only One Objective - Legally - 09/13/18 11:51 AM
You have only One Objective
Some have had many objectives, concurrently; and all of them critical. Picture a front line medic or doctor in a war zone. Surrounded by the dead and dying. Some can be saved, but there are decisions to be made, and made very quickly. Some must be ignored, just a quick shot of morphine to ease their suffering. Perhaps, if there are adequate supplies, a few shots of morphine; a merciful quick end…. Rapid life and death decisions to do the most good.
You, on the other hand have lots of time to process the documents. Oh, sure, there … (0 comments)

legal: Their Signature - The Foundation of the deal - 08/20/18 08:43 AM
Their Signature
 Let’s use, as a working definition of Their Signature; “somebody's name written by him or her in a characteristic way”. Long ago, about a decade, I was often asked to provide “legible” signatures that matched the name signing. I tried that a few times, mostly with dismal failure. More often than not, the signature was totally illegible – more like artwork than written script handwriting.
 Now let’s go back a lot further in the past, about two thousand years. Commercial transactions were common then as they are now. Most did not read or write, they made their mark. It was the … (0 comments)

legal: Rogue anti-notary notary lures notaries 2 act "lawyer" with fuzzy job - 02/12/18 07:02 PM
Rogue anti-notary notary lures notaries 2 act "lawyer" with fuzzy job
Do you remember those fuzzy qupee dolls at carnivals?  The ones where you throw the 3 baseballs, knock down 3 dolls and take your pick of the prize. Those dolls were sure mighty fuzzy. Hard as I tried to knock them over the baseball sailed between the dolls “fuzz”. I think the dolls were about a quarter of an inch in substance, the rest was fuzz! On the subject of “fuzz” – let me tell you about my recent “fuzzy” job offer.
First the yet un-named caller speaks at length about the … (0 comments)

legal: Notary as Also a Witness - can lead to problems - 02/10/18 01:14 PM
Notary as Also a Witness - can lead to problems
Despite the popular expression, this Old Dog is learning new tricks. But first, a little background as to how I “used to” handle this issue. When I am able to review in advance the docs (edoc) I always would scan to see if there was a witness requirement. If so, I would ask the entity that assigned the job to me if there really was a requirement for one or more witnesses. Often the response was that x state did not require them and to just ignore that area. Other times I … (0 comments)

legal: A Newbie at Title Co. - Has no clue what is "notary legal" - 02/10/18 12:35 PM
A Newbie at Title Co.- Has no clue what is "notary legal"
Most of our jobs are quite routine. Once in a while, thankfully not often; something crosses our path that is extraordinary. It could be very nice, or a mess; as you might have expected – I write about a mess. The docs are the docs, we are expected to make them work. However, there are limits to what, as notaries, we can process. Title has an agenda. It’s their objective to get the papers processed as quickly as possible. It has to be a mess of galactic proportions for them … (1 comments)

legal: The Ones That Got Away - Sometimes that's not so bad - 02/10/18 12:11 PM
The Ones That Got Away - Sometimes that's not so bad
It happens to all of us. We put time and effort into establishing an assignment, then it goes poof. Did we do something wrong? Possibly. If someone is fishing for the absolute lowest price for the “equivalent” of what you do; that may or may not be you. But the amount of your fee is not the central theme of this installment. It is the non-price issues that will be explored. So, assuming your fee is reasonable to the caller; why did that one get away?
Excluding walk in situations; virtually all … (2 comments)

legal: Today – A Day Different from all Others (a/k/a "do it my way") - 11/25/17 09:36 PM
Today – A Day Different from all Others
Of course my title is absolutely true. Unless you have mastered the art and science of time travel; every day is a different day. But, more to the (hopefully) relevant point: that phrase, and appropriate variations have been used by me for a very long time.
Mr./Ms. CEO: I am well aware you are used to receiving instant obedience from your staff. But, for you, today and especially now; will be a different environment from what you are familiar with. I am in charge here. You have gone out of your way to find … (4 comments)

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