money: A Job to Lose Money - 11/17/18 07:59 PM
A Job to Lose Money
As notaries we often do poorly on assignments that we accept without getting the full specifications prior to quoting s fee. Sometimes things are slow and we accept a job that is just barely worth doing. Especially when factoring in expenses and putting a reasonable valuation to our time. But, this job was different; it was structured for me to actually lose money.
Hi Ken, old pal; I need all of your expertise for this job. Hmmm, the name was unfamiliar as was the company “whatever document services”. My BS antenna goes up. I just knew that this … (0 comments)

money: Dress British, Think Yiddish - 07/16/18 12:01 PM
Dress British, Think Yiddish
Long ago, about half a century (honest), I was given those four words as the secret to success in business. The same sage advice applies equally to both sexes; to all races and, well, to everyone. A very compact and easy to remember slogan – its simplicity hides a multiplicity of actions that you should consider. It’s time for me to delve into those four simple words.
Dress British – it does not mean that you need to purchase a wardrobe from the UK. The words acknowledge that the British are well renown for dressing impeccably. Clothes make the … (1 comments)

money: Rogue anti-notary notary lures notaries 2 act "lawyer" with fuzzy job - 02/12/18 07:02 PM
Rogue anti-notary notary lures notaries 2 act "lawyer" with fuzzy job
Do you remember those fuzzy qupee dolls at carnivals?  The ones where you throw the 3 baseballs, knock down 3 dolls and take your pick of the prize. Those dolls were sure mighty fuzzy. Hard as I tried to knock them over the baseball sailed between the dolls “fuzz”. I think the dolls were about a quarter of an inch in substance, the rest was fuzz! On the subject of “fuzz” – let me tell you about my recent “fuzzy” job offer.
First the yet un-named caller speaks at length about the … (0 comments)

money: Disgusting - Nobody wanted the (Notary) Job - 12/28/17 02:56 PM
Disgusting - Nobody wanted the Job
I write this with a combination of sadness and rage. First, let me clear up the use of the word disgusting. That refers to the “so called” “Notaries” who flat out refused the assignment that will be the topic of this entry. I hope some of them will read this blog entry and, perhaps, change their ways.
The call was from a distant location, one that would require double my local fee. Initially, prior to learning the details, I informed the caller about 123notary and Notary Rotary. I suggested they search using their zip code to find … (2 comments)

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