payment: A Job Declined - 08/20/18 08:11 AM
A Job Declined
Are you available for a “simple” job late tonight? Up goes my alert status. The caller used two vague take advantage of the notary words. When they say the job is simple it generally has more strings attached to it than a cat with a ball of yarn. Also, late tonight can have many definitions. So I reply with my standard request to know the What, When and Where and if there are any other aspects that I should know about. I’m glad I asked.
The affiant is flying in to Newark airport, not too far from Manhattan. The flight … (0 comments)

payment: Strike Three, Notary is Out – No Pay - 06/24/18 06:51 PM
Strike Three, Notary is Out – No Pay
It’s your turn at bat. You’re walking from the dugout and glance at the scoreboard. You notice that, even prior to reaching the batter’s box; there is one strike against you. Many notary jobs start exactly the same way. You are going to a new client to notarize “some documents”. But, you did not receive your payment in advance. Yes, there is a “strike” against you; you are in route, burning gas and using time. Perhaps you will receive your fee. Order something on the internet, as most of you have; you had to … (0 comments)

payment: Bouncey Bouncey PayPal, OK "most" of the time - 05/27/18 09:25 AM
Bouncey Bouncey PayPal
It has always been my policy to require payment in advance for a variety of situations. If the job requires me at 4AM, if the caller tried to be “vague”, even if the job is very distant and requires extensive travel. PAID – sounded nice, but it really is a construct when using PayPal that does not include absoluteness. The payer can “bounce” the payment. The PP system is designed to protect the buyer not the merchant. That is a good thing, but can have unexpected implications.
On the good side, I tried to buy a camera from an individual … (0 comments)

payment: Payment Terms? Set by Buyer or Seller (of notary services) - 11/25/17 06:32 PM
Payment Terms? Set by Buyer or Seller?
As often discussed "in the old days" the "Closer" had "pickups" and earned a significantly higher fee than current signing agents. Sure they took risk, but the higher fee (often several hundred dollars) made up for the few that did not fund.....

Fast forward to today. Notaries are the "seller" of their "signing agent services" and the buyers are Signing Services, LO's, Title companies, Escrow companies, etc.

In every other case that I know of - it is the SELLER who sets the payment terms. The seller / service provider sets how and … (0 comments)

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