security: Securing the Notary’s PC - Yours too - 10/15/18 11:26 AM
Securing the Notary’s PC
First, a disclaimer. What follows is not all inclusive of the protections that I utilize, some, for obvious reasons will not be disclosed. I will cover some basic defenses. The first is the concept of a firewall. I use two. The first is the one in my router. It is configured to allow some, but not all traffic to enter or leave. Specific firewall configuration is beyond the scope of this article. Also, I have activated the Windows 7 built in firewall. Of course the security updates to the operating system – Windows 7 – are applied as … (0 comments)

security: Notary for a USA President Candidate - 06/24/18 06:39 PM
Notary for a USA President Candidate
The call comes in for an urgent notarization. We need to file some important paperwork within the next 2 hours; can you positively guarantee arrival within that timeframe? Knowing the 5 star hotel was only a mile away I replied “sure”. Oddly, for an “individual” request; the caller stressed that the notarization had to be “absolutely perfect” and withstand close scrutiny. I assure the caller that my work would stand up to any examination; and that I required “Govt. issued photo ID” and acceptance of the standard oath given by Notaries. “A by the book Notary … (0 comments)

security: My Friend Shredder - You need one, a good one; use it often - 02/10/18 01:06 PM
My Friend Shredder - You need one, a good one; use it often
Actually, I have two “friends” named Shredder. The first Shredder is a chess program installed on both my PC and Android cell phone. Shredder adapts to my playing strength giving me a fair chance at winning. However, when I do win; it adapts its playing strength to become a bit tougher to beat. On the cell phone, Shredder helps pass the “waiting time” for the CEO to appear. For chess fans interested, I am rated by Shredder at about 1200 ELO.
The other shredder is a physical device, a paper … (2 comments)

security: The Spies You Look At & what will stop them, cell & PC - 02/10/18 12:19 PM
The Spies You Look At & what will stop them, cell & PC
There are two primary ones, and there are certainly others. The main ones are your cell phone and your PC. Make no mistake; they both are definitely spying on you. They report to the “mother ship” virtually all of your activities. Why? This is done so you can be “served” “directed ads”. Those applications on both devices more often than not consider you their “product”, and endeavor to acquire information about your interests and shopping patterns. Some of the massive on line retail establishments do this with “pseudo” integrity; … (1 comments)

security: Signing of the Absurd (by Notary) - 11/25/17 09:22 PM
Signing of the Absurd (by Notary)
No, I’m not referring to the contents of a document that you are about to notarize. You don’t have to read (except for the notary section) when you notarize the signature of the affiant. It’s their responsibility to determine if they agree with the content, not yours. Actually, I will be discussing documents that you, the notary, sign – and sign alone. Yup, you are signing “as a notary” but nobody else is present for you to check their ID or give them the oath.
What I am referring to are those incredibly one sided “sign … (2 comments)

security: Password Madness – Eliminated - 11/25/17 08:42 AM
Password Madness – Eliminated
We live in a world of passwords. Chances are you deal with the passwords somewhat casually. Most do. For a quarter of a century I managed computer networks, large and small. I have seen many approaches to the multiple password problem. Some try to use the same password on every site. That does not work for long. Many sites now require regular changes; one example is the Social Security site – gotta change it every 6 months. Most sites won’t allow you to reuse a password that has been used in the past. Currently it’s getting even more … (3 comments)

security: Identity Theft and your Notary - 11/24/17 12:10 PM
Identity Theft and your Notary
Notaries process a great number of personal documents. It is rare for the notary to have a need to read your document. The notary is there to notarize the signature. However, some documents require examination by the notary. One example is with vital records (birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates), when it is the notary who is making a statement about a copy. Some states allow the notary to certify a copy; some, such as New York, do not. As a – I do not read client documents, unless legally necessary or to verify that a … (1 comments)

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