signature: I did Not notarize that - 11/14/18 11:30 AM
I did Not notarize that
It’s just one more thing that we have to both worry about and guard against. I am referring to forgery of our notarization. With high resolution scanners, image manipulation software and both inkjet and laser printers; cloning notarizations has become easier. Case in point: I received a PDF from Europe asking me to confirm the date of notarization. It was an obvious fraud from top to bottom with overlapping images (showing the border line where chunks were pasted) and of course it had images of my signature, stamp and seal. The person inquiring said they had the … (2 comments)

signature: Their Signature - The Foundation of the deal - 08/20/18 08:43 AM
Their Signature
 Let’s use, as a working definition of Their Signature; “somebody's name written by him or her in a characteristic way”. Long ago, about a decade, I was often asked to provide “legible” signatures that matched the name signing. I tried that a few times, mostly with dismal failure. More often than not, the signature was totally illegible – more like artwork than written script handwriting.
 Now let’s go back a lot further in the past, about two thousand years. Commercial transactions were common then as they are now. Most did not read or write, they made their mark. It was the … (0 comments)

signature: The Signature/Name Affidavit - Often not fully completed - 03/04/18 04:29 PM
The Signature/Name Affidavit - Often not fully completed
It is most likely that you are not processing this simple form properly. First, the good news; of all the forms in various loan packages this one is probably one of the most uniform. There really is little variation in how this form is structured. I will get to where most “go wrong”; but first a bit about the purpose and structure of the SNA.
The package comes from many sources. There are bank docs, title docs, escrow docs and perhaps some from other sources. It’s a virtual certainty that the borrower name will have … (0 comments)

signature: Your Signature – Needs Work (the one at the end of your email) - 12/28/17 07:21 PM
Your Signature – Needs Work
No, I’m not referring to that strange squiggle you have on file with your notary commission. I’m talking about your “other” signature. It’s the one that your email program adds at the end of virtually every email that you send. Well, I’m willing to bet that at least a hundred times more people see your “email signature” than see your blogs. So, why is your email signature, either non-existent, or, to put it bluntly: junky?
The automatically generated “signature” is a great source of advertising. In addition to complete contact information, you should have a graphic; and a … (3 comments)

signature: Dealing with the “Company” Notary - 12/10/17 11:36 AM
Dealing with the “Company” Notary
Professionals, the ones reading my humble words, know how to, and are willing to, put forth the effort to notarize each document correctly, legally and completely. This is often (in my experience) not the case when dealing with the Company notary. This person usually has many other priorities and notarizes “for the company” as demanded. Note that I wrote “demanded” not “requested.” The company usually pays the costs for the notary and often feels that they “own” the stamp, seal; and soul of the person who bears the Commission.
Improper actions are rife in this environment. Typically, the … (0 comments)

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