foreclosure help: Why "Experienced Short Sale" Realtors Should Process Their Own Files. - 07/10/12 09:59 AM
Recently on Short Sales Super Stars someone wrote a blog making a blanket statement about why Realtors should not handle short sales.  I SAW RED, and here was my response.  Your comments are appreciated: 
For the most part I would agree with you that most Realtors should not handle their own short sales, however, that is for the most part. Many Realtors are taking short sales and, quite frankly, don't know anything about them. They are dangerous to their clients and can easily lead them down the road to foreclosure. I have seen this many times. Then there are Realtors like myself. I … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: GOTTA SCREAM! Short Sale Insanity! This time it's Wells Fargo and/or the investor. - 02/21/12 10:54 PM
Been working a short sale with Wells Fargo for TWO YEARS. We've had over five CASH offers $50,000 to $60,000 on 9 NE 9 Ct., Fort Lauderdale, Florida that were ALL TURNED DOWN! About a year ago they tried an auction company that did online auctions. I held open houses for them and made the property available for inspections by perspective bidders. We had no one come through the home and, I understand, the bids came in from $25,000 to $30,000 and the bids were also rejected by Wells Fargo. Despite all the facts and evidence all offers that I submitted … (3 comments)

foreclosure help: Wall Street Gone Wild! - 02/05/12 03:43 AM
Wall Street Gone Wild! Strategic Defaults? There was a fraud perpetrated on the American people by no less than Wall Street and the Federal Government. And, if you don't believe it, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you that goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Or, you have your head buried where the sun don't shine. Most of my clients were put in positions due to no fault of their own and homes values went up so much so fast they were afraid if they didn't buy at the "artificially" inflated prices they would not be able to buy at … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: Short Sale Processing: "B+" for BOA, Wells, Chase, SunTrust, GMAC and a few others. "F" for the rest... - 11/26/11 02:39 AM
You may or may not agree with what I am saying. I have been struggling with short sales for going on five years (right Alex?) and have +/-300 approvals, I am still personally involved in each and every negotiation even though I have assistance, In my opinion BOA, Wells, Chase, GMAC, SunTrust and maybe one or two of the major servicers/lenders have come a long way. Yes, we still encounter glitches, but overall are doing a B+ job because there is still MUCH room for improvement so I cannot give anyone an "A" yet. It's the little "guys", i.e., Aurora, Flagstar, … (1 comments)

foreclosure help: Why I am 100% successful in negotiating short sale approvals. - 10/13/11 04:21 AM
Yesterday, it occurred to me the reason for the 100% success rate (275+ short sale approvals) I am able to achieve for my short sale clients (National average is 30%) is I hold myself fully accountable for the transaction. I am in total control of their files, don't use third parties to do my job, and handle the entire transaction from pricing to listing to marketing to negotiating to short sale approval to closing to post closing details and follow up. Saving my client's from foreclosure is extremely important work because if I fail and they are foreclosed their credit is … (1 comments)

foreclosure help: This is what it is about, and it's not about the money! - 08/29/11 04:57 PM
This is a Zillow Review I received today from Gary O, the seller of the most difficult short sale we've worked. The morale of the story is just what Winston Churchill said, "never, never...give up". This home had a City and Fedreal deed restriction that ran with the land and the HUD that made it impossible to sell. I must have been out of my mind to take it in the first place!  Regardless, not only was this a BOA short sale, but every buyer had to qualify with the City of Hollywood regarding family and income limits. We worked five offers until … (7 comments)

foreclosure help: Navigating the Short Sale Maze, or How Do We Navigate From Absurdity To Abuse? - 08/17/11 02:11 PM
Hey, short sale specialist. Are you tired yet of spending 10 times for time, reselling the same homes 2.5 times over before a deal closes? Are you tired of resubmitting all the docs over and over? Are you tired of working a short sale for month only to find out the lender/investor already foreclosed and no one told you? Are you tired of working harder than ever and getting paid less? Are you tired of having the loans turned over to collection agencies in the middle of negotiations? Are you tired of feeling like the enemy when dealing with some negotiators? Are … (4 comments)

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