political: Out of Chaos Comes Community Organization AKA Revolution...Obama Calls It Change! - 11/01/11 06:00 PM
Does the name Saul Alinsky mean anything to you? It should because it does mean something to the Obamas and Clintons and many other elitist who are gaining power out of the chaos they are creating. Google Alinsky, see the thousands of pages devoted to this far left radical who uses the term "Community Organization" to replace the real intention, "Revolution".
Here's a good start to understanding the purpose of creating chaos: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2314
Here are my 53 questions. Do you know the answers? I do!. Can you add more of your own?
1. Why isn't the media exposing the New World Order, … (7 comments)

political: Creating American Jobs My Way...Or, Am I Nuts? - 10/12/11 01:39 AM
20% of what we can do will solve 80% of Americas problems.¬† Here is my simplistic plan for bring jobs home, rebuild America and repay every cent we LOAN for the rebuilding: America has the human resources, natural resources, intellectual resource and technological resources to be totally self contained. The very little we may need can be imported or substituted. We reimplement the space program, loan corporations funds to rebuild Detroit and start manufacturing qualify automobiles, we loan money to rebuild our farms and ranches, steel, aluminum, textile mills, and everything else that is manufactured overseas that we are now importing. … (3 comments)

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