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How sales, inventory, and interest rates are affecting the currrent real estate market.
Are you familiar with the Idiom You Snooze, You Loose? You most probably have herd or will hear this term more than once in your lifetime. My use of the term here means that if you let yourself get distracted from buying a home today you are going to kick yourself in the butt tomorrow for not tak...
Let's look at the facts. The average sales price of a home in Hillsborough County Florida in October 2005 was $269,403. Today the average sales price is $156,775. Down a $112,628. Mortgage rates were at 5.66% (30 year fixed rate) in October 2005, today they are at 5.03%. This is about a $63. savi...
Fall is just around the corner with cooler weather and leaves changing, but the housing market is heating things back up with great prices and lower interest rates.  When is a great time to buy, NOW!. I would hate to see a lot of people kick themselves in the butt because they didn't take advanta...
RE/MAX International is running a TV ad showing buyers kicking themselves in the butt because they didn't take advantage of the real estate market when things were great. If you are waiting for the housing market to bottom out you are already to late. Mortgage rates are on the rise as well as the...
I attended a brainstorming session that my agents were having in the office this morning. They were trying to come up with ideas for a Buyers Seminar. One of the conversations led to, why would anyone buy a home in this market? One response was; This is the perfect real estate trifecta: Low Mortg...
I am starting to see light at the end of the real estate tunnel. Our office sales are up over 300% for Feb 2009 comparable with Feb 2008. A definite increase in new home sales, banked owned and short sales. We have listings with multiple offers. One REO had over 15 offers. Our agents are working ...
The buzz word on the campaign trail last year was "Buy American". When you buy American you help Americans keep their jobs. Doesn't buying a home fit into the category "Buy American"? By doing so, you create a whole chain of American jobs. Congress should be focusing on getting the stimulus $$$$ ...
I was recently reading Seth Godin's Blog about "Advice for Real Estate Agents, Quit Now". It was very enlightning. Especially since I just received the 4th Quarter 2008 Kenst Real Estate Report for the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors. Scanning through the report I was amazed on how many rea...
I attended a RE/MAX Broker Town Hall meeting this past Thursday in Sarasota Florida. Dave Liniger and Margret Kelly were the speakers. I want to tell everyone that this meeting was a great motivator for me and everyone in attendance. Dave and Margret gave us a lot of insight into what we should e...
The real estate maket in the greater Tampa area is looking great for 2009. End of year statistics for 2008 show that active resale inventory is in decline, pendings and solds are up. With interest rates hovering around 5% the 2009 real estate market in the Tampa area is positioned for continued g...

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