advice: develop confidence - 02/24/15 09:07 PM
I tell my daughters that to be successful you must develop four habits 1) show up on time (this means at least ten minutes early) for any appointment whether it be personal, school or business (time is the only thing we cannot get more of and wasting someone elses' demonstrates a lack of respect). 2) look good; dress appropriately and be well groomed. 3) be prepared; find out what you can about the subject of your meeting and the people or person with whom you are meeting, and be engaged, being knowledgeable demonstrates interest and gives you confidence in conversation which … (2 comments)

advice: don't lie - 02/24/15 02:03 AM
The first rule in real estate is don't lie - sounds easy but it is the lazy persons fall-back position not only in real estate but many occupations. If you don't know say so and that you will find the answer and then: Do the work - the research, ask the questions, visit the web sites and maybe even a downtown office - cross reference and verify information and finally with the sellers. 
An amazing side effect of doing the work is confidence in the answers which leads to a more relaxed air that people (buyers and sellers) notice this in … (21 comments)