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It was about eighteen months ago that a friend of a friend called to ask if I would glance at a settlement sheet.  Chris, a busy woman executive, was scheduled to close a refinance loan the next day and sensed that something wasn't quite right after learning the amount of her new (proposed) month...
I've noticed quite a bit of dialog concerning continuing education courses being sponsored by title companies.  I'm talking about CE credits for real estate agents.  Sound familiar?  At first I thought it sounded like a great marketing idea for title companies, but then I got to thinking: are the...
You've heard the news by now, the Bush Administration has revealed its plan to rescue housing markets.  The idea is to save certain consumers from themselves and to save the economy at large from the grips of ruination.  While I dislike everything about the proposal, it's the length of time that ...
This is probably my final word on the housing crises.  That is, unless a prophetically new issue with devastating implications rears its ugly head.Let's temporarily remove conjecture from the mix to deal directly with facts. It's a generally accepted fact that 1 in every 196 U.S. households is cu...
The mere mention of the title industry in the caption of this post dooms it to inevitable ambiguity obscurity.  The topic, perceived as draconian, clearly lacks sex-appeal.  As a title company owner, I was often dismayed by the audacious remarks of real estate agents who thought they knew my job ...

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