building factors: Infrastructure / Accessibility - How Important is it? - 08/17/17 10:54 AM
Finding Your Ideal Commercial/Industrial Building - Part V
Welcome back! Infrastructure / Accessibility and its impact on site selection are discussed:
 Accessibility Can Make or Break Your Business!
No matter what type of business you are in, infrastructure and accessibility are critical considerations. There are many accessibility considerations that are similar between business types. Some examples of these similarities would be:
Can your customers find you?Is parking required and, if so, is it available?Are there people available to hire with the skills you need?Can you get product into and out of the building easily?Is the square footage sufficient for the purpose?How much can the business … (0 comments)

building factors: Cost – Is it the most important factor in buying? - 07/12/17 06:27 AM
Finding Your Ideal Commercial/Industrial Building - Part IV
Welcome back! Here we discuss cost and its impact on your choice:
Assuming you either had the funds or could get reasonable financing terms – and a good return, would you invest it in a business you controlled?
We all know how little we get on money parked in the bank plus we are even taxed on the meagre interest it earns! Now take that same money and invest it in a product or service that you believe in, directly control, and that enjoys business tax deductions – now we’re talking!
Additionally, real estate over time tends … (0 comments)

building factors: Size Matters! - 06/23/17 11:32 AM
Finding Your Ideal Commercial/Industrial Building - Part III
Welcome back! Here we discuss size and its impact on your choice:

Size does matter!
Economy of Scale (ES): It is assumed that as firms increases in size, they can become more efficient. The greater the quantity of goods or services produced, the lower the per-unit fixed cost because the start-up, operating and overhead costs are spread out over a larger number of goods. So as a company grows and production units increase, they will have a better chance to decrease their unit costs, and so, more rapidly grow their bottom line.
Local / Regional Political … (2 comments)

building factors: Location, Location, Location! - 06/08/17 12:10 PM
Finding Your Ideal Commercial/Industrial Building - Part II
Location-Specific Advantages (LSA’s) enable a company to improve its bottom line and rate of growth by strategically finding the optimum place to operate as compared to other locations.
We always hear the same phrase associated with real estate. “Location, Location, Location.” It may be a cliché but all clichés have some basis in reality and this one is no different. The location of your plant will affect your business, positively or negatively, for however long you are there. In addition, how it affects your business can, and probably will change over time. The location will … (2 comments)

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