industrial infrastructure: Commercial / Industrial Warehouse Set-Up: 5 More Common Mistakes - 09/09/18 11:46 AM
Finding Your Ideal Commercial / Industrial Building - Part X
Welcome back for your newest installment!
5 More Common Mistakes When Setting Up A New Warehouse
In the last post (Part IX) we talked about 5 common mistakes people tend to make when setting up a new warehouse. The five we talked about were:
(1) Incorrect equipment
(2) Ignoring technology
(3) Concentrating on square footage rather than cubic space
(4) Planning for the wrong amount or type of inventory
(5) Seasonality effects
That said there are some other common mistakes in warehouse set-up that we thought to touch upon before moving onto other topics: Following are 5 additional issues … (0 comments)

industrial infrastructure: Tired of Warehousing Issues ? - 09/22/17 02:14 PM
Finding Your Ideal Commercial/Industrial Building - Part VII
Welcome back to the next part in our series! Warehouse Layout and its impact on site selection.
One of the most important areas to any business is its warehousing. Whether you are talking about a typical warehouse, a stock room, or just a cabinet for office supplies, proper control and replenishment of your inventory is critical to the success of your business!
Sadly, warehousing is also one of the most overlooked areas. Most businesses have spent the last several decades trying to optimize their production area, the front office, the back office and customer service. But … (0 comments)

industrial infrastructure: Finding Your Ideal Commercial/Industrial Building - 05/16/17 08:09 PM
Whether looking for a new or existing industrial plant, warehouse or commercial building, the key requirements are mostly the same:
Distance to Market / Location:
Size (matters!)…
Skilled workforce…
Infra Structure / Services
This is the first in a series of blog posts about the search criteria, evaluation and selection process. The achievement of your goal also rests on what is important to you both now and in the likely future. What can appear to be a small factor now may, over time, grow to be a major issue. The better you can define your needs and desires, the more likely you are to … (4 comments)

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