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I don't do alot of REO's or bank-owned listings. The main reason is in Washington, the listing agent is required to place all utility services in their name. I am trying to pay my own bills, can I really afford to pay someone elses?? I fully understand that these sales need to be done, but but i ...
With all the forclosures and short sales happening all over the country, I have had my work cut out for me when I have to inform a client or prospect that the value of their house may not be close to what they had in mind.I have to let them know that if there are short sales happening in their ne...
It happens all the time, and especially when the market slows a bit, or times get tough, some agents jump ship. Now, this does'nt go for all agents, but for some, they seem to believe that the grass is greener on the other side. In rare instances, this hold true, but in most cases, once the agent...
I do my very best to answer my cell phone when it rings, no matter what time it is. If it is 2 in the morning and a client has a question, they can call me!! 24/7. Why is it that at noon on a friday and i have a question about a listed property, I call the listing agents office and get a voice ma...
Do you have agents in your office that seem to spend alot of time talking aroung to coffee pot or the water cooler? Avoid the pitfall!! I like the phrase, "We don't make and money around the water cooler." Don't get sucked in to all the conversations about lost deals and how its the clients that ...
NEW AGENTS:  Do you ever  feel like you're having trouble juggling buyers and sellers? Try using the 30 day cycle. Take 30 days and work strictly with listings, however, don't blow off an A buyer if they are ready to buy now, and in that 30 days you can replenish you're inventory. The next 30 day...
 We as agents try to make our open houses as warm and inviting as possibe, but over the course of my career I learn different techniques to acheive this. One good tip is: instead of buying dessert or cookie smelling candles which tend to leave a smoke smell when you're done, and also provide nowa...

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