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Some great stats backing up why I also refuse to shop at WAL-MART! Wal-mart is by far the largest store on the planet. How big is it really? Here are the statistics. I like statistics. Americans spend $36 MILLION every hour of every day at Wal-Mart! This translates to $20,928 PROFIT every minute!...
I came across someone who re-blogged this and found it good to know. I too like the idea of the redesigned re-blog button.I'll be the first to admit, I didn't really like the previous ReBlog graphic/icon as I felt it was too big.  It moved my text around making my posts look funny, and it was com...
Gingerbread House Build! This weekend (December 5th and 6th) Habitat for Humanity Toronto is hosting a gingerbread house build to help give Toronto families a Hand Up, not a Hand Out.    You can purchase a kit on the Toronto Habitat for Humanity website. These kits can either be picked up for yo...
This has US stats but it provides info we can use in Canada too...Green Homes Are The Future And The Future is Now... Forty percent of all the energy used in our country is consumed by homes and buildings. That’s 25% more than all the energy consumed by the 60+ million vehicles on the road (U.S. ...
Download this PDF e-book from casaGURU.com. It's the "Home Seller's Guide: Energy Efficient Upgrades that Pay" as seen on Canada AM. Get expert tips on energy efficiency, how to save on energy audits plus rebates on energy efficient upgrades. As featured on Canada AM, download your free copy of ...


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