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Good to keep in mind! Fellow Canadians...Are You Getting Your Share Of The Federal Government ecoEnergy Grants.Winter is coming ....Check out the Federal Government ecoEnergy Homes Program and Grants and save $$$.Here is a list from ecoEnergy Retro Fit  Residential Grant Program listed with Natur...
I found this helpful, hopefully others will too.As Green becomes the way to go more and more people are talking about composting as a convenient & practical way to dispose of yard waste.  I have friends who live in subdivisions who bag 50+ bags of leaves & other green waste every fall and almost ...
Good to know. If you're planning on doing any renovations in the near future, look into making it sooner rather than later in order to take advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit.  The final deadline for the federal Home Renovation tax credit is closing in. You have until February 1st 2010 t...
There's bittersweet news for homeowners coming out of BC as a green initiative reaches its goal (yeah), which in turn ends the program (boo)... for now. British Columbia’s LiveSmart Efficiency Incentive Program reached its goal of 40,000 initial home energy assessments and is therefore closed to ...
I found this great green article. Though there are some specifics to a certain area, the general guide can be applied anywhere! Worth the read.Homeowners Guide to Going Green on a Budget All across the world, homeowners are going green.  As with any initiative, going green can range from small si...
This guide will not only be helpful to homeowners, but can also be a good source for realtors to make money-saving and green suggestions and tips to their clients.   Emer, casaGURU's green living guru, compiled great resources for homeowners who want to make smart, green home improvements with he...
I found this article on how you can optimize the bathroom in a house to make it less cluttered and more like a spa....         If you’ve ever been to a spa, you’ll understand the role an orderly environment plays in creating the ultimate relaxing retreat. Creating order in your bathroom will help...
Dissecting The Dual-Flush Toilet Water conservation is trickling to the tips of tongues when talking about environmental issues these days. Did you “kn-l’eau” that Canada is the second largest consumer of water per capita in the world, runner up only to the US? On average, Canucks apparently use ...
Win a Luxury Loo Homeowners have the chance to win an efficient bathroom, which will not only look luxurious but conserve water as well. casaGURU and American Standard are teaming up to help homeowners win “Canada’s WISEST Bathroom.” This dream package will provide one lucky homeowner with the co...
casaGURU has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity for the casaGURU Cares campaign. When you sign up for your free casaGURU.com membership, a donation will be made to the Habitat for Humanity chapter nearest you. Now that we've been running casaGURU cares for a little while, we felt it was time to ...

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