home buyers: One More (BIG) Reason Contracts Fall Through - 11/24/12 02:56 AM
Note: This article references business practices in Middle Tennessee. Customs in your region may be different.
The most common reason that contracts neglect to close is a problem(s) with the inspection. In an earlier post, I mention two other reasons,  but the inspection ranks as numero uno.
What Is An Inspection?  
An inspection is a visual analysis of the condition of the Property and its systems. Including termite inspection and inspections of the  “heating systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, structural components, foundations, roof coverings, exterior and interior components, and other site aspects that affect the Property, and environmental … (0 comments)

home buyers: 2 Reasons Real Estate Contracts Fall Through - 10/08/12 02:06 AM

Note: This article references business practices in Middle Tennessee. Customs in your region may be different.

I love a surprise. As in, I’m entitled to 20% off the already low price, the milk is still good despite being past the expiration date, or there is no traffic on I-65 S.
But surprises are not only unwelcome when buying or selling a home, surprises put contracts in jeopardy.
Contracts frequently fall through because one or more contractual contingencies weren’t met.  Such as:
Often an agreement is contingent upon the “appraised value either equaling or exceeding the agreed upon … (2 comments)

home buyers: Should You Sign a Buyers Representation Agreement (BRA)? - 08/28/12 10:18 PM
Note: This article references business practices in Middle Tennessee. Customs in your region may be different.
Should You Sign a Buyers Representation Agreement (BRA)?
I don’t know. What is it?
Ahh. This would be the first problem.
The BRA outlines the terms of the relationship between the agent and her client.
Ideally buyers sign this document at the start of the house hunt, but sadly, this important document is usually signed by all parties at the time of an offer.
Should you sign the agreement sooner? YES!
If  you answer the following five questions in the affirmative, there is no … (2 comments)

home buyers: Whether or Not to Walk-through - 08/15/12 03:19 AM
The closing on your new home is only a few days away.
The only hurdle between you and your dream home is the walk-through a/k/a the Final Inspection.
With visions of paint chips dancing in your head, you might be tempted to skip this step. Don’t!
1-What Is A Walk-through?
As a buyer, you have the right to conduct a final inspection of the property no later than 1-5 days prior to the closing. The purpose is to:
Confirm that the property is in the same or better condition than it was at the time of the binding agreement. … (1 comments)

home buyers: Why You & Your Spouse Must TALK Before You Begin the House Hunt - 08/13/12 02:36 AM

He Wants a Weight Room; She Wants a Home Office

The Scene: Sunday PM in the basement of the 13th prospective house.
The Players: A couple (formerly charming) and their Realtor (long suffering.)
WIFE A weight room? Are you serious?
HUSBAND Yes, I’ve always wanted one.
WIFE  We don’t own any fitness equipment.
HUSBAND Yes we do, the treadmill in the basement.
WIFE The one from college? When was the last time you got near it?
HUSBAND If I had a comfortable room, I would use it.
WIFE Well, this basement is … (3 comments)

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