I am just so excited that I had to share this.  My wife and I started a lifestyle change 12 days ago.  It is the KimKins plan.  It is a very low carb, high protein eating plan.  We thought it would be very hard, but it really hasn't.  My wife has lost 13 lbs in the last 12 days and I have lost 12...
This is for California.  The following is required disclosures that the seller's must provide to the buyers and the timelines.7 days after the Contract is FULLY executed, Seller MUST give the BUYER the following disclosures.1.  Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS)2.  Smoke Detector Statement3.  Wa...
Cal-Vet loans are loans that most veterans who are buying a home in California are eligible for.  These loans are administered by the California Department of Veterans Affairs.  The Cal-Vet funds and services its own loans.  These funds come from the sale of State General Obligation Bonds.The way...
Mortgage rates fell.  30 yrs fixed is still at 6.74 %.  The rates over last week fell .25%.  Last year the morgage index was 6.91% while 4 weeks ago, we were at 6.61%  The 15 yrs fixed rose to 6.41%.  The Federal Reserve kept short-term rates unchanged, last week. They also, reported that inflati...
There are two types of nuisances that cause problems with real estate: Private and Public.  What is the difference?  Private ones affect one or a few people, while Public affect allot of people.  Examples of Private ones are:  a neighbors messy yard, junk cars, noisy dog, drug house, etc...  Exam...
We all are very busy people in our everyday life.  We have so my people and things demanding our time, pulling us in many different directions.   Our day to day life can be so very hetic.  How do you relax?  What do you do with your free time?  How do you show your family your love and what do yo...
My wife and I just started a new program that I was a little apprehensive about.  As you know, I need to get myself back into shape.  I have been working on it for the last 2.5 weeks, by going to the gym and semi watching what I have been eating,(my problems is bread and deserts).  I have gotten ...
Today, homes are taking allot longer to sell, then they did last year.  This is mostly due to the influx of home inventory from the last few years.  This gives buyers a larger selection to choose from.  They can hold out longer to get more of what they want, and not really worry about prices goin...
This is for Southern California (June 07)Los Angeles county sold 7580 homes as opposed to 11234 sold in June of 06.  This is a 32.5 % drop.  However, the median price was 545000, a raise of 4.8% from last year.  These numbers are followed by:Orange County- 2641 this year down 30.6% from last year...
Yes, we have a new addition in the AV.  It is our forth Super Walmart.  This is is on Valley Central Way and Lancaster Blvd.  It is just shouth of the original California Walmart.  The old is was the first Walmart in California, built in 1990, and was the 1440th in the US. At 7:30 Wednesday morni...

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