thanksgiving: Eating right on Thanksgiving and any holiday. - 11/22/07 04:32 AM
I just came across this on It is written by Jennife Scott. It is about eating right on Thanksgiving and some tips to help.  I just thought I would share.  Some good info.  No matter what, if you fall, get up and get going again.  To you health.  Earl The Pearl Sorrells
"Don't save up
Don't save calories from earlier meals for "the big one." You'll inevitably get too hungry and overeat to compensate for missing those meals. Thanksgiving day should include a substantial, healthy breakfast and a normal lunch. Then, you won't be too famished to practice portion control when dinnertime arrives.  
Make Like … (4 comments)

thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Poems and more 11-21-07 - 11/21/07 01:55 AM
These are some poems and quotes that I have come accross today and thought they were fitting.  I am thankful for you all and all the support you give me.  God puts all of us here for a reason, if only to get and give encouragement and show some love.  May God bless you all this holiday season and keep you and yours.  Peace and Blessings be yours.
Earl The Pearl Sorrells
An important question for leaders: "Am I building people, or building my dream and using people to do it?"
--John Maxwell
In the long run, we only hit what we aim at. … (6 comments)

thanksgiving: Turkey Roasting 101 - 11/20/07 02:28 AM
Which is better, Fresh or Frozen? 
It is all up to preference.  Fresh is ready to cook now, where a frozen will need to be defrosted.  Doing this in the fridge is best.  Allow one day per 5 pounds to thaw completely.  You can soak it in cold water to spead up the process.  30 minutes per pound to thaw it out. 
Fresh is also costing about 1.00 more a pound, as I have seen.  I just paid .39/lb yesterday for frozen.  I put it right into the fridge. 
Roasting Times:
10-18 lbs---Stuffed  3.75-4.5 hrs---unstuffed 3-3.5 hrs.
18-22 lbs------------4.5-5 hrs------------------3.5-4 hrs.
22-24 lbs------------5-5.5 hrs.-----------------4-4.5 hrs.
24-29 lbs------------5.5-6.25 hrs--------------4.5-5 … (2 comments)

thanksgiving: Fresh Cranberry Relish - 11/17/07 02:36 AM
 I am not a fan of cranberry sauce, but I saw this and think this one I would enjoy.  It isn't a sauce, but fresh fruits in sort of a relish form.  Tell me what you think.  I do like fresh cranberries.  Enjoy. Ingredients  
2  medium oranges 1  pound fresh cranberries 1/4  cup dried currants 1-1/2  cups sugar 1/4  cup finely chopped toasted, slivered almonds 1/8  teaspoon ground cinnamon   Orange peel curl (optional) Directions  
Finely shred 1 tablespoon orange peel; set aside. Peel and section oranges. Using a food processor or food grinder with a coarse blade, process or grind orange sections, … (6 comments)


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