Today the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) announced that June 2010 saw significant tax collection increases, exceeding the monthly benchmark by $149 million; full year collections exceed FY10 estimate by $78 million Our office focuses on representing taxpayers before the IRS, CT DRS and...
If you owe the Connecticut Department of Revenue (DRS) more than $59,000 you should know that you may become famous, as the CT DRS is posting the top 100 delinquent individual taxpayers on their website.  Its the whole "shame them into paying" concept. Our office focuses on IRS and Connecticut ta...
If Business has been slow, you may not want to put off filing and paying your Connecticut State Sales or Withholding Taxes, as the CT DRS has stepped up criminal enforcement for failure to collect and pay over taxes. In our office we focus on representing taxpayers and businesses with Federal and...
With the economy as shaky as it is, you may want to make great financial move now by using a Qualified Personal Residence Trust in Hartford, CT. Among the many estate planning moves we assist clients with, one is to transfer away a principal residence or second home to a Qualified Personal Reside...

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