These are mistakes we see so often that I couldnt resist making a podcast about them.Checkout our Podcast on the Five Biggest Mistakes people make when filing their IRS Offer-in-Compromise.  The POdcast can be found here: qu...
For my more popular blog posts I ahve started recording podcasts for the Tax Rep podcast on ITunes.Last week my BLOG POST discussed why taxpayers should not just file joint returns without thinking through the Tax Collection consequences of the filing.  JOint liability is no joke, and innocent sp...
Based on the feedback of the blog article I posted a little while ago, I have recorded a podcast walking you through why it is critical to consider filing the State tax returns first, then filing the federal returns.  As I mentioned in the Blog Post HERE, filing the state tax returns first can bo...
When it comes to tax crimes in New Haven, Connecticut, New York city or elsewhere, Tax Evasion is always considered the big kahuna of tax crimes.  So what is "Tax Evasion"?We handle civil IRS cases and criminal tax cases all over the United States, and therefore see a lot of what taxpayers do and...
I represent taxpayers every day in Connecticut and New York.  Married taxpayers often show up with bills from the IRS and state which they are both responsible for paying.  When I ask why they filed joint tax returns they explain that their accountant told them they would save money this way, and...
I represent taxpayers every day in Connecticut and New York.  Sitting in my office in New Haven or New York City I review financials with taxpayers who have just filed multiple years of federal tax returns and want to compromise their tax debt.  When I ask about the state income tax returns they ...

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