We do a lot of Criminal Tax Work and we hold the IRS Criminal Investigation professionals in very high esteem for the work they do and their professionalism.  It is therefore always noteworthy when a former IRS Agent becomes the target of criminal prosecution for tax violations.A former special a...
Adventures in IRS Offers-in-Compromise: The Good, the Bad, and "My Client Did Not Seriously Just F*&king Do That?!"In this week’s episode Eric covers issues with IRS Offers-in-Compromise when the client does not always listen to us, and what happens when both little things go wrong as well as whe...
Joining me on this week's podcast episode was the terrific Dominique Molina from of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.  Listen in as we discuss how to transform your tax practice and elevate it to really help clients and create greater revenue for yourself!In addition to discussing...
Catch this very special episode of the Tax Rep Podcast when Eric Green is joined by Dominique Molina of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners and listen in as these two cutting edge consultants explain where the REAL money is to be made and how to transform your tax practice so you mak...

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