estate planning: Estate Refunds for Same Sex Marriages in Stamford, CT as DOMA struck Down by Supreme Court - 06/26/13 12:46 AM
The focus of our practice in Stamford and New Haven Connecticut is estate planning, as well as civil and criminal taxpayer representation.  With the United States Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the core of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), suddenly same sex couple in Stamford, Connecticut and elsewhere who have been denied the federal estate exemption may now seek a refund from the IRS for all those estate taxes and income taxes paid that would otherwise have been exempt. 
Currently, the federal estate tax exemption is $5.25 million, however, married couples are entitled to an unlimited marital estate tax … (0 comments)

estate planning: Estate Planning Mistakes in Stamford, Connecticut: The Number 1 Mistake People Make in Estate Planning is to Not Plan at All! - 01/01/12 06:42 AM
A significant focus of our practice is assisting clients in Stamford, Connecticut and elsewhere with their estate planning.  Whatever a client’s goals are, or what their asset level is, the number one mistake they can make is to not plan at all.
A well thought out estate plan will plan for the guardian of minor children, reduce or avoid estate and succession taxes, arrange for the management of assets, and handle any planning necessary for a spouse and/or children that have special needs. 
When we handle these situations for taxpayers we work with clients to find out what they want to … (2 comments)

estate planning: Estate Planning and QPRT: Cashing in on a down market by using a Qualified Personal Residence Trust in Hartford, CT - 07/02/10 02:19 PM
With the economy as shaky as it is, you may want to make great financial move now by using a Qualified Personal Residence Trust in Hartford, CT.
Among the many estate planning moves we assist clients with, one is to transfer away a principal residence or second home to a Qualified Personal Residence Trust, also known as a QPRT.
So what is a QPRT?
A QPRT is a trust into which the individual transfers their residence.  The grantor of the trust (meaning the person making the transfer of the property to the QPRT) retains use of the property for a set … (0 comments)

estate planning: With the Hartford, CT Real Estate Market Down, Consider Adding a Qualified Personal Residence trust to your Estate Plan! - 02/14/10 10:40 PM
<!--StartFragment--> One of the advanced estate planning techniques our firm uses in the Hartford, CT market with taxpayers who own valuable real estate is a “Qualified Personal Residence Trust”, or QPRT.
A QPRT is an irrevocable trust created by the property owner that is designed to hold a residence for the taxpayer’s benefit for a number of years.  After the number of years has expired, the property is then held for the benefit of individuals named by the taxpayer when the trust was created, usually descendents.
When a QPRT is created the taxpayer who forms the trust, called the … (0 comments)

estate planning: BASIC ESTATE PLANNING IN HARTFORD, CT - 02/14/10 06:12 AM
You know you need to get your estate planning done, but now you are wondering what you need for documents and insurance for basic estate planning in Hartford, CT?
The first step in creating an estate plan is knowing what you are trying to accomplish.  Once you have your arms around your needs it becomes easier to know what documents and insurance you need to cover the need.
The basic documents you want to consider including in your basic estate planning in Hartford, CT are the following:
1.     Will
2.     Living Will and Health Care Proxy
3.     Durable Power of … (0 comments)

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