green sklarz llc: Bloomberg Tax: Non-Filer? How to Come in From the Cold With the IRS - 08/19/22 07:21 AM
My latest column is out on Bloomberg Tax: Are You a Non-Filer? How to Come in From the Cold With the IRS
In it I walk you through whether the tax returns can just be filed, how many years to file, and when the taxpayer should consider making a voluntary disclosure with the IRS.
Check out the column here and let me know if you have any questions or comments: 
Thanks, Eric
Eric L. Green, JD, LL.M.
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green sklarz llc: My Bloomberg Column: Unpaid Payroll Taxes Just Became More Dangerous - 07/08/22 08:28 AM
My most recent column on the new enforcement focus on unpaid payroll taxes is out on Bloomberg Tax:
If you or your client has a payroll tax problem please contact me at either (203) 285-8545 or by email at   

green sklarz llc: Tax Rep & UConn Launch of the IRS Representation Certificate Program - 10/19/21 03:52 PM
Thrilled to announce that TAX REP LLC, in partnership with UConn School of Business is launching the IRS Representation Certificate Program this Friday the 22nd!
This program includes five, four-hour modules for a total of 20 hours of learning.
They are:
IRS Collections Offers-in-Compromise Audits Resolving Payroll Tax Cases Innocent Spouse Access to the self-paced course begins on Friday, October 22 and is available through Wednesday, December 22. 
Check out more on the program here: 
Included in each of the modules are exhibits to help you understand the processes addressed and familiarize you with IRS forms and correspondence. This will allow you to evaluate … (1 comments)

green sklarz llc: Tax Rep Podcast: When The IRS Wants the Quickbooks File - 10/07/21 03:07 AM
Joining Eric on this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast is Walter Pagano.  Walter is a partner and tax controversy leader at Eisner Advisory Group in New York where he specializes in forensic accounting and controversy issues.  Walter and Eric discuss why the IRS wants the Quickbooks, file, the rules around their ability to obtain it, and what practitioners should be doing before and during the exam. 
Check out the podcast episode on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on our podcast page here: 

green sklarz llc: IRS Automated Enforcement is Back in Full-Swing! - 08/23/21 01:13 PM
Today's mail....come on Tax Rep Members...its time to save taxpayers and add $100,000 to your 2021 bottom line!

green sklarz llc: IRS Tax Compliance: What is Tax Compliance and Why Is It Important? - 08/12/21 04:04 AM
I spend much of my day resolving taxpayer issues with the IRS.  And though everyone wants to focus on the cool stuff - making massive debts vanish for pennies on the dollar - it actually all starts with "Tax Compliance."
So what is Tax Compliance you may be asking...good question!
Tax Compliance means that the taxpayer has filed all returns due and owing as of this moment (yes you non-filers!), defined as the last 6 years, and is making their current tax period payments.  So as I sit here in August 2021, Tax Compliance would nean having 2015 - 2020 filed (if the … (2 comments)

green sklarz llc: Podcast: IRS Voluntary Disclosure - Where Are We Now - 06/11/21 03:44 AM
I bet you didn’t know that I (Eric Green) am on the subcommittee for the ABA tax section’s Criminal Tax committee?  Well on this week's podcast I am joined by my committee members Laura Gavioli and John Nail to update everyone on where the IRS stands on voluntary disclosure for both domestic and foreign issues, and how best to make use of the program to save your client from their past misdeeds.
Check out this podcast episode as well as all 102 others on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, ITunes, Google Podcasts or the podcast page here: 

green sklarz llc: IRS Enforcement Update for the Tax Answers Advisor Podcast - 05/03/21 06:20 AM
I was thrilled to join Marcelino Dodge on his Tax Answers Advisor Podcast this week to discuss where IRS Enforcement is headed in 2021 and beyond. 
You can catch the edpisode here: 
Episode DescriptionWe have all heard the commercials asking, “Do you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS?” Or, you may wonder “What is the IRS really doing with collections and enforcement?” Though it may be calm now, taxpayers who have unpaid taxes or who are non-filers will soon be in for a big awakening. Eric Green of the Tax Rep Network and managing partner in the law firm Green & … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: Tax Rep Podcast: IRS Focus on Cryptocurrency with John Doe Summonses - 04/19/21 03:39 AM
You probably have seen the IRS has now issued John Doe Summonses against other cryptocurrency exchanges with the goal of obtaining taxpayer information.  On this week’s podcast Eric is joined by Kostelanetz & Fink’s Don Fort and Larry Sannicandro to discuss the impact of the IRS and DOJ summonses, and what it means for taxpayers and enforcement.  In particular, Don as former Chief of IRS Criminal Tax Division discusses what is going on at the IRS, and he and Larry explain what taxpayers should be considering doing right now if they have in fact dealt in virtual currency and have not … (2 comments)

green sklarz llc: IRS Can Use John Doe Summons to Identify Taxpayers with Cryptocurrency - 04/01/21 02:38 PM
We represent taxpayers before the IRS and Department of Justice Tax Division, and have spoken frequently about the IRS increased use of both AI and John Doe Summonses to identify taxpayers who have either evaded reporting income and paying taxes, or those that have failed to disclose virtual currency in their financial affidavits, like with Offers-in-Compromise.
Because of the IRS's efforts criminal tax referrals from the Collection Division are up 42% so far this year!
Check out our podcasts #91 and 93 on this topic here: 
Today a federal court in the District of Massachusetts entered an order today authorizing the IRS to … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: Tax Rep Network Podcast: IRS Enforcement's use of AI: Eric’s Takeaway - 02/20/21 05:55 AM
On this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast I discuss the impact of the IRS's use of AI. If you listened to the episode with Deputy Commissioner of SB/SE Darren Guillot you heard about how the IRS is using AI to target taxpayers who have failed to disclose assets on their 433 (Offers, CNC, etc.). It is episode 91 if you missed it. On this episode I discuss what that means and how we need to change our collection practice intakes to protect us from our client, and our client's from themselves!   … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: Foreign Bank Account: FBAR Litigation Victory for Green & Sklarz - 01/12/21 04:48 AM
Yesterday, a District Court Judge in Connecticut ruled in favor of our client at summary judgment and found that the nonwillful penalty for failure to file an FBAR is capped at $10,000 per form, not per account, as had been argued by IRS and and DOJ. This was a matter of first impression for the Court and the ruling will impact many taxpayers. To date, the issue had only been decided by two other courts and they were divided on the issue.
Ypou can read the decision here: United States v. Kaufman 
Questions about this or other tax litigation matters?  Contact us at … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: What do you do when the IRS Auditor is Batshit Crazy? Free Webinar - 12/22/20 06:09 PM
Given how wonderful 2020 has been, Tax Rep Network thought we would throw 2020 out the window and ring in the New Year with fun filled webinar designed to celebrate the IRS’s finest!Ever dealt with an auditor that you begin to realize immediately must be named Lucifer? The point of an audit, according to the IRS itself, is to check on how the taxpayer is doing in respect to their returns and reporting and use this time as an educational opportunity. Yet sometimes there are examiners who do not seem to understand this and have decided it’s a time to torture … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: New Haven, CT: What is an Offer-in-Compromise Really? Tax Rep Podcast - 11/17/20 03:09 AM
So what is an IRS Offer-in-Compromise?  I mean really?
When the IRS calculates the RCP (Reasonable Collection Potential) of a client, what does that mean?  Does the IRS expect the client to liquidate their investments?  Sell or remortgage their home?  What if the client cannot tap the equity...then what?
Listen in on this week's Tax Rep Network podcast for a brief but to the point analysis of the IRS's Offer-in-Compromise program by Eric Green, and you will understand why we get more than 90% of our Offers accepted!
Eric L. Green, Esq.
Green & Sklarz LLC
One Audubon Street, 3rd Fl
New Haven, CT 06511
Ph. (203) 285-8545 

green sklarz llc: How to Bring an IRS Whistleblower Claim: FREE Webinar on 11/10 - 10/26/20 03:54 AM
When business suffers taxpayers begin cheating. So what can you do if your client knows about tax crimes being committed? They can strike a blow for justice, the American tax system, and get paid doing it. Nothing more American than that!Fresh off the Tax Rep Network Podcast and as a warm up to the New England IRS Rep Conference, Attorneys Mike Villa and Eric Green will host a special one-hour program will they review the IRS Whistleblower program, discuss how your client can bring a claim that stands the best chance of receiving an award, and how the system ACTUALLY works!Date: … (1 comments)

green sklarz llc: Green & Sklarz’s Joanna Kornafel receiving the 2020 Vanguard Award - 07/20/20 02:19 PM
Congratulations to our colleague Joanna Kornafel on receiving the 2020 Young Lawyers Section Vanguard Award.
Joanna is an associate at Green & Sklarz LLC, representing individuals and clients with complex financial and litigation needs in a large range of industries. Her practice focuses on civil litigation matters, bankruptcy litigation, unfair trade practices, business torts, breach of contracts, and a wide array of other commercial litigation matters. Additionally, she has represented clients in state and federal courts and has prosecuted and defended evidentiary hearings related to applications for preliminary injunctions, prejudgment remedy, and contested matters in bankruptcy court.
Attorney Kornafel actively serves as the legislative liaison … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: Accountant's Guide to Resolving Payroll Tax Debts Released - 05/09/20 12:18 PM
The Accountant's Guide to Resolving Payroll Tax Debts and Personal Liability was just released by TG Publishing!
Payroll taxes are the number one reason why small businesses get into tax trouble.  Why?  Because payroll taxes are the easiest loan to take and the hardest to repay.  Easy to take because there is no loan document to complete and no banker to refuse: just keep the tax money and spend it.  They are the hardest loans to pay back because once the IRS applies the various penalties and interest the balance increases to the point the business cannot easily pay it back.  In … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: New Haven, CT: How to Get an IRS Offer-in-Compromise Accepted - 04/22/20 04:08 AM
Though I sit in New Haven, Connecticut most days we assist taxpayers all over the country to resolve their tax debts with the IRS.  There is a lot of confusion surrounding the IRS Offer-in-Compromise program, so I wanted to clear up some misconceptions.
There is no magic to an Offer-in-Compromise.  At its core, the IRS Offer program is based upon a formula called "Reasonable Collection Potential", or RCP. Many taxpayers believe that if they cannot tap equity in assets than that equity is not included.  That is wrong.  What the Offer-in-Compromise program is effectively is calculating the amount of money the … (1 comments)

green sklarz llc: New Haven, CT: IRS issues warning about Coronavirus-related scams - 04/02/20 07:29 AM
The Internal Revenue Service today urged taxpayers to be on the lookout for a surge of calls and email phishing attempts about the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. These contacts can lead to tax-related fraud and identity theft.
"We urge people to take extra care during this period. The IRS isn't going to call you asking to verify or provide your financial information so you can get an economic impact payment or your refund faster," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "That also applies to surprise emails that appear to be coming from the IRS. Remember, don't open them or click on attachments or links. … (0 comments)

green sklarz llc: New Haven, CT: COVID-19 and its Impact on Resolving Your Tax Debts! - 03/27/20 04:34 AM
I spend most of my days resolving civil and criminal tax issues with the IRS and Connecticut Department of Revenue.  Whether its income tax, payroll tax or sales tax, we have seen and dealt with most issues.  The current pandemic is creating economic chaos and incredible stress on individuals who are worried about their family's health and financial well-being.
So it sounds strange to write it, but there might be a silver lining to this current pandemic.  The situation actually does create an opportunity to resolve back tax debts with the government.   
The IRS, as well as most states, consider collectibility for tax … (0 comments)

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