hartford ct: IRS Criminal Payroll Tax prosecutions in Hartford, Connecticut: If you owe payroll taxes, beware: the IRS prosecution of employers is on the upswing. - 07/09/11 02:41 AM
We frequently represent clients who owe significant sums of back payroll taxes, to the IRS.  For years it was rare to see a criminal prosecution for unpaid payroll taxes, but that is no longer the case.  We have seen a significant increase in IRS criminal prosecutions, and it appears payroll taxes are a new IRS Criminal Division priority.   
Internal Revenue Code Section 7202 makes it a crime for an employer to willfully fail to account for and pay over payroll taxes.  We always advise our clients in Hartford, Connecticut and elsewhere to take serious steps to resolving their outstanding … (1 comments)

hartford ct: IRS Foreign Bank Account Hartford, Connecticut:IRS ANNOUNCES NEW 2011 VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE PROGRAM FOR OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS - 02/09/11 01:30 AM
We frequently represent taxpayers in criminal tax situations. The Internal Revenue Service announced today a special voluntary disclosure initiative designed to bring offshore money back into the U.S. tax system and help people with undisclosed income from hidden offshore accounts get current with their taxes. The new voluntary disclosure initiative will be available through Aug. 31, 2011.
“As we continue to amass more information and pursue more people internationally, the risk to individuals hiding assets offshore is increasing,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. “This new effort gives those hiding money in foreign accounts a tough, fair way to resolve their tax problems … (0 comments)

hartford ct: So when is mileage business and when is it personal - bullet proofing your mileage log 101 for real estate professionals in Hartford, CT - 01/02/11 01:37 AM
For self-employed real estate professionals, the issue of the auto deduction creates major headaches and for IRS auditors it is a dream come true.  So few people understand this that, for the IRS auditor, its like shooting fish in a barrel.
The biggest issue I run into is this: what are business miles and what are personal miles?  Honestly, it depends upon where your principal place of business is.
If your home qualifies as your principal place of business (which is fodder for another series of entries, stay tuned...), then anything you drive for business will qualify as business miles.  But what … (6 comments)

hartford ct: Payroll Tax Liability in Hartford, Connecticut: Fighting the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty - 11/28/10 01:43 PM
With businesses failing all the time in this economic climate, we are helping more taxpayers than ever deal with their company payroll tax liabilities and the assessment of the IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty in Hartford, CT.
There are two aspects to payroll tax liabilities: the portion withheld from the employee's pay (referred to as "Trust Funds") and the employer's match for the FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare).  If the company fails Internal Revenue Code Section 6672, referred to as the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty allows the IRS to pursue individual officers and outside companies who are responsible for the company's … (0 comments)

hartford ct: CT DRS Sales Tax Audit Hartford: Selected for a Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) Sales Tax Audit in Hartford, Connecticut and wondering why? - 10/16/10 09:25 AM
<!--StartFragment--> We frequently represent clients who have been selected for a sales tax audit by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (“DRS”) and are concerned how they were selected for the sales tax examination. The CT DRS frequently knows there is a sales tax issue before you ever receive your letter informing you of the audit.  Let us explain how the DRS there is underreporting occurring.
In Hartford, CT as well as all other areas of Connecticut, the DRS obtains purchase information through its discovery unit in advance of the examination and compares the third-party purchase information to the sales reported … (0 comments)

hartford ct: CT DRS Tax Crimes: The CT DRS has stepped up criminal enforcement for Failure to Collect and Pay Over Taxes - 07/15/10 04:35 AM
If Business has been slow, you may not want to put off filing and paying your Connecticut State Sales or Withholding Taxes, as the CT DRS has stepped up criminal enforcement for failure to collect and pay over taxes.
In our office we focus on representing taxpayers and businesses with Federal and Connecticut Tax issues.  
I have personally seen a huge upsurge in Connecticut DRS criminal tax enforcement activity over the last year and a half, and would assure anyone reading this that the key to avoiding a criminal tax referral is to come in and let us help you get … (0 comments)

hartford ct: Estate Planning and QPRT: Cashing in on a down market by using a Qualified Personal Residence Trust in Hartford, CT - 07/02/10 02:19 PM
With the economy as shaky as it is, you may want to make great financial move now by using a Qualified Personal Residence Trust in Hartford, CT.
Among the many estate planning moves we assist clients with, one is to transfer away a principal residence or second home to a Qualified Personal Residence Trust, also known as a QPRT.
So what is a QPRT?
A QPRT is a trust into which the individual transfers their residence.  The grantor of the trust (meaning the person making the transfer of the property to the QPRT) retains use of the property for a set … (0 comments)

hartford ct: CT Employment Tax Audit: Dealing with the CT BETA Unit in Hartford, CT - 02/20/10 01:00 PM
Have you heard of the CT DRS BETA Unit yet?
If you are a business owner in Connecticut you will shortly!
The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) formed the "Business Employment Tax Audit" ("BETA") Unit a few years ago and they are already making their mark.
The goal of the CT DRS BETA Unit is to seek out employers who are not properly reporting or paying over payroll taxes (referred to as withholding taxes in Connecticut) and pursue those employers.
Our office has handled a number of these audits, as we represent many small businesses who find themselves being audited … (0 comments)

hartford ct: CT Sales Tax Audit: How to protest the auditor's findings in Hartford, CT - 02/20/10 12:43 PM
So what to do after you recover from the shock of seeing the CT DRS Sales Tax auditor's findings?
Shake it off and call a tax professional.  Our office handles CT DRS sales tax audit issues all the time, and it is an area we can help you with.
Whether in Hartford, CT or elsewhere, the CT DRS Sales Tax auditors can be aggressive, and often there are a number of issues that may be appealed in your sales tax protest.  These include:
The mark-up of taxable items The percentage of items sold subject to the sales tax Wether the test … (0 comments)

hartford ct: With the Hartford, CT Real Estate Market Down, Consider Adding a Qualified Personal Residence trust to your Estate Plan! - 02/14/10 10:40 PM
<!--StartFragment--> One of the advanced estate planning techniques our firm uses in the Hartford, CT market with taxpayers who own valuable real estate is a “Qualified Personal Residence Trust”, or QPRT.
A QPRT is an irrevocable trust created by the property owner that is designed to hold a residence for the taxpayer’s benefit for a number of years.  After the number of years has expired, the property is then held for the benefit of individuals named by the taxpayer when the trust was created, usually descendents.
When a QPRT is created the taxpayer who forms the trust, called the … (0 comments)

Once the IRS has filed its lien to secure its interest, many taxpayers come to our office trying to sort out How to Have an IRS Lien Subordinated in Hartford, CT. 
There are a number of options for dealing with the IRS Lien, including instances where taxpayers may be able to borrow money from a third party and want to know How to Have an IRS Lien Subordinated in Hartford, CT.
In instances where a third party lender may be willing to lend money to the taxpayer, and where the taxpayer can demonstrate that by allowing the third party lender … (0 comments)


You underwent an audit by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (“DRS”), after which you receive a set of work papers with a number they claim you owe them that bowls you over, and now you are wondering how to protest a CT DRS sales tax audit in Hartford, CT? 
The first step is to get professional representation, if you didn’t already have it.   Though there are instances where taxpayers can handle the matter themselves, the protest is a key step in both appealing the audit findings and preserving your right to fight the assessment in court.  The deadline to … (2 comments)

hartford ct: HOW TO DEAL WITH AN IRS LIEN IN HARTFORD, CT - 02/14/10 06:17 AM
A question that frequently comes up is How to Deal with an IRS Lien in Hartford, CT?
IRS Lien Basics
When taxpayers file a tax return the IRS will process that return and assess the tax liability based upon the information provided by the taxpayer.  They will then apply the taxpayer’s payments and withholding against the liability.  Ten days after the date of assessment a lien arises automatically by statute in favor of the IRS.
This lien, referred to as a hidden lien because there is no public notice given by the government, attaches to all of the taxpayer’s property, … (0 comments)

hartford ct: BASIC ESTATE PLANNING IN HARTFORD, CT - 02/14/10 06:12 AM
You know you need to get your estate planning done, but now you are wondering what you need for documents and insurance for basic estate planning in Hartford, CT?
The first step in creating an estate plan is knowing what you are trying to accomplish.  Once you have your arms around your needs it becomes easier to know what documents and insurance you need to cover the need.
The basic documents you want to consider including in your basic estate planning in Hartford, CT are the following:
1.     Will
2.     Living Will and Health Care Proxy
3.     Durable Power of … (0 comments)

hartford ct: AN IRS LEVY IN HARTFORD, CT: What should I do? - 02/13/10 10:53 PM
A question that frequently comes up in my practice is what to do about an IRS Levy in Hartford, CT?
When a taxpayer fails to respond to IRS requests for either missing tax return or to provide financial information to help settle an outstanding tax debt, the IRS frequently resorts to enforced collection activities, ie. levy.
A levy is literally the taking, or seizing, of a taxpayer’s property or income.  There are 2 types of levies: a regular levy and a continuous levy.  So what should you do about an IRS Levy in Hartford, CT?
A regular levy is a … (0 comments)

hartford ct: HOW TO HANDLE A CT DRS SALES TAX AUDIT IN HARTFORD, CT? - 02/13/10 10:39 PM
So you received an audit notice from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (“DRS”), and now you are wondering how to handle a CT DRS sales tax audit in Hartford, CT.
The first step is to get professional representation.  Though there are instances where taxpayers can handle the matter themselves, an audit is usually not one of them.  When squaring off with an aggressive state auditor you are better served to have a tax professional who both understands how to handle a CT DRS sales tax audit in Hartford, CT but is equally aggressive in advancing your position.
The next … (0 comments)

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