irs: Bloomberg Tax: Non-Filer? How to Come in From the Cold With the IRS - 08/19/22 07:21 AM
My latest column is out on Bloomberg Tax: Are You a Non-Filer? How to Come in From the Cold With the IRS
In it I walk you through whether the tax returns can just be filed, how many years to file, and when the taxpayer should consider making a voluntary disclosure with the IRS.
Check out the column here and let me know if you have any questions or comments: 
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irs: My Bloomberg Column: Unpaid Payroll Taxes Just Became More Dangerous - 07/08/22 08:28 AM
My most recent column on the new enforcement focus on unpaid payroll taxes is out on Bloomberg Tax:
If you or your client has a payroll tax problem please contact me at either (203) 285-8545 or by email at   

irs: Tax Rep Network Podcast: The Lifecycle of a Criminal Tax Case - 02/10/22 05:34 AM
On this week’s podcast episode Eric is joined by Gwen Moore and Ajay Gupta to walk through how a criminal tax works, from referral to sentencing.
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irs: Tax Rep Network Podcast: Automate Everything! With Andrew Lassise - 01/27/22 04:27 PM
Joining Eric on this week’s podcast is Andrew Lassise from the Tech4Accountants podcast, where they discuss how to actually make money by leveraging technology, streamlining your operation and scaling your enterprise so it’s no longer a ‘practice’ but a ‘business’ that you work on instead of in.
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irs: Non-Filers: The Forensic Reconstruction Workshop January 13th - 01/05/22 07:21 AM
Taxes are at the heart of our economic engine.  Though we have a “voluntary tax system”, it’s not THAT voluntary!  The IRS makes a point of pursuing taxpayers who fail to uphold their end of the bargain, and is currently pursuing the more than 10 million non-filers, many of whom are high-income earning. Ready to make more money and take your practice to the next level? This special workshop with Tax Attorney Eric Green (Tax Rep Network) and Forensic Accountant Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE (Designated Motivator) will walk you through how to handle non-filers, help them pull together the many missing … (1 comments)

irs: The Insider's Guide to IRS Offers - Released in Time for Black Friday! - 11/18/21 01:20 AM
I am thrilled the newest guide in our Tax Rep library, The Insider's Guide to IRS Offers, is now available for pre-sale (e-book release date is 12/1, printed books expected to ship 12/15)!
Want to really understand IRS Offers-in-Compromise?  Have you ever worked through them and wish someone could answer all your questions?  Well here it is, the perfect guide to do just that!  In this guide I pulled the top 100 questions from my popular workshops and answered them all.
You may already be doing Offers-in-Compromise or just starting on your first case.  This guide will walk you through the Offer-in-Compromise program, … (4 comments)

irs: Podcast: The IRS's International Enforcement Update with Jason Freeman - 11/08/21 05:35 PM
Joining Eric on the Tax Rep Network podcast again is Jason Freeman from Freeman Law to discuss the current state of IRS Enforcement on foreign bank accounts and international form filings, what options taxpayers still have to resolve these issues, and what advice we should be giving clients today.  Jason and Eric also discuss the upcoming International Tax Symposium being hosted by Freeman Law on November 18th and 19th.
Catch Episode 113 with Eric & Jason here: 
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irs: Tax Rep Network Podcast: Its All My Fault - 10/14/21 12:22 PM
On this week’s podcast Eric discusses the realization of what it is to take extreme ownership in your practice, what happens when you don’t, and how to turn things around.  Eric quotes former navy seals Jocko Willink and talks about the espisode where Jocko joins Andy Stumpf on Andy's podcast Cleared Hot during the episode (Cleared Hot Episode 122).
You can listen to the episode on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and ITunes, or at the Podcast Page here: 
Looking for Jocko Willink's and Andy Stumpf's content?  Here are the links to get the book and listen in on their material, which … (1 comments)

irs: Tax Rep Podcast: When The IRS Wants the Quickbooks File - 10/07/21 03:07 AM
Joining Eric on this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast is Walter Pagano.  Walter is a partner and tax controversy leader at Eisner Advisory Group in New York where he specializes in forensic accounting and controversy issues.  Walter and Eric discuss why the IRS wants the Quickbooks, file, the rules around their ability to obtain it, and what practitioners should be doing before and during the exam. 
Check out the podcast episode on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on our podcast page here: 

irs: IRS Automated Enforcement is Back in Full-Swing! - 08/23/21 01:13 PM
Today's mail....come on Tax Rep Members...its time to save taxpayers and add $100,000 to your 2021 bottom line!

irs: Tax Rep Network Podcast: Ugly Step-Sister or Pure Gold? - 08/04/21 02:40 PM
In this week’s Tax Rep Network Podcast, Eric discusses why those tax rep clients are pure gold, and how you should consider these cases to save the client, elevate your practice and help all of us tax paying citizens!
Check out the podcast (episode 108) here: 

irs: Podcast: IRS Voluntary Disclosure - Where Are We Now - 06/11/21 03:44 AM
I bet you didn’t know that I (Eric Green) am on the subcommittee for the ABA tax section’s Criminal Tax committee?  Well on this week's podcast I am joined by my committee members Laura Gavioli and John Nail to update everyone on where the IRS stands on voluntary disclosure for both domestic and foreign issues, and how best to make use of the program to save your client from their past misdeeds.
Check out this podcast episode as well as all 102 others on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, ITunes, Google Podcasts or the podcast page here: 

irs: Podcast: How to Bring an IRS Whistleblower Case, with Mike Villa - 05/20/21 03:09 AM
As a follow-up to their earlier podcast (#83), Eric is joined again by Mike Villa from Meadows Collier in Dallas and IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Alford to review how to bring a whistleblower claim to report tax violations, what the IRS looks for, how to make sure the claim is actually looked at, and how to make sure your claim stands the best chance of receiving an award. In particular Gary will explain how IRS-CI looks at the case and what he wants to see when those claims hit his desk.
Check out the episode here:
Want to build a … (1 comments)

irs: IRS Enforcement Update for the Tax Answers Advisor Podcast - 05/03/21 06:20 AM
I was thrilled to join Marcelino Dodge on his Tax Answers Advisor Podcast this week to discuss where IRS Enforcement is headed in 2021 and beyond. 
You can catch the edpisode here: 
Episode DescriptionWe have all heard the commercials asking, “Do you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS?” Or, you may wonder “What is the IRS really doing with collections and enforcement?” Though it may be calm now, taxpayers who have unpaid taxes or who are non-filers will soon be in for a big awakening. Eric Green of the Tax Rep Network and managing partner in the law firm Green & … (0 comments)

irs: Tax Rep Podcast: Best Practices for Responding to the IRS Doc Request - 05/02/21 08:01 AM
Listen in to this week's podcast as host Guinevere Moore discusses best practices for responding to Information Document Requests (IDRs) from the IRS, including how to balance meeting your clients’ needs with meeting ethical standards practitioners must follow under Circular 230, and how to set your client up for success in litigation through proper IDR practice if an agreement can’t be reached in exam or at appeals.
Check out the episode here: 
Want to contact Gwen?  Want to build your IRS Representation practice and add $100,000 to your bottom line this year? Join us inside Https://  How to get the software we … (0 comments)

irs: TRN Podcast: Economic Hardship & Offset Bypass Refunds with Nina Olson - 04/05/21 06:02 AM
Joining Eric on this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast is none other than the former National Taxpayer Advocate, Nina Olson.  With so many taxpayers in trouble it is worth discussing the impact of economic hardship, what it means for taxpayers and the IRS and what the IRS can and cannot do to those taxpayers. Nina also discussed the issue around Offset Bypass Refunds, which is how uncollectible taxpayers that owe money can still get their refunds. Listen in on this can’t miss episode and learn some new strategies that you can use to help taxpayers weather the ongoing COVID fallout.
Want … (0 comments)

irs: IRS Can Use John Doe Summons to Identify Taxpayers with Cryptocurrency - 04/01/21 02:38 PM
We represent taxpayers before the IRS and Department of Justice Tax Division, and have spoken frequently about the IRS increased use of both AI and John Doe Summonses to identify taxpayers who have either evaded reporting income and paying taxes, or those that have failed to disclose virtual currency in their financial affidavits, like with Offers-in-Compromise.
Because of the IRS's efforts criminal tax referrals from the Collection Division are up 42% so far this year!
Check out our podcasts #91 and 93 on this topic here: 
Today a federal court in the District of Massachusetts entered an order today authorizing the IRS to … (0 comments)

irs: Podcast: The Merger of Immigration and Tax Issues with Gwen Moore! - 03/29/21 07:34 AM
This week’s podcast is hosted by Guinevere Moore. Listen in as Gwen interviews immigration attorney Vivian Kalaf and civil rights attorney Lana Nassar regarding taxation issues that arise in immigration cases, as well as how they teamed up to fight for all United States Citizens to be able to receive Economic Impact Payments under the CARES Act no matter who they are married to.
Listen in to this episode and others on the Tax Rep Network Podcast either on ITunes, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or the Podcast Home Page.
Want to contact Gwen?  She can be found HERE
Want to contact Vivian Kalaf?  … (0 comments)

irs: Podcast: IRS Enforcement & Crypto-Currency: Update with Steve & Mike - 03/13/21 07:01 AM
Back to join Eric is Steven Toscher and Michel Stein (Episode 32) to update us on IRS enforcement around virtual currency, what its goals are and what taxpayers can expect. Listen in as our experts update you on what has quickly become an IRS and Department of Justice enforcement priority.
Catch the episode on ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or here on our Tax Rep Network Podcast Page!

irs: Tax Rep Network Podcast: IRS Enforcement's use of AI: Eric’s Takeaway - 02/20/21 05:55 AM
On this week's Tax Rep Network Podcast I discuss the impact of the IRS's use of AI. If you listened to the episode with Deputy Commissioner of SB/SE Darren Guillot you heard about how the IRS is using AI to target taxpayers who have failed to disclose assets on their 433 (Offers, CNC, etc.). It is episode 91 if you missed it. On this episode I discuss what that means and how we need to change our collection practice intakes to protect us from our client, and our client's from themselves!   … (0 comments)

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