irs: The View from IRS Appeals: A Chat with Andy Keyso Chief of IRS Appeals - 01/21/20 06:51 AM
Listen in on this weeks episode as I am joined by a very special guest, Andrew Keyso, the former IRS Chief of Staff and current Acting Chief of Appeals. During this talk Andy discusses the impact of the Taxpayer First Act, where Appeals is heading, the role of the hazards of litigation, and what taxpayers need to know about their hearing with the IRS Independent Office of Appeals, and much more!

irs: Podcast: IRS Crypto Currency Target Letters: What You Need to Know! - 09/24/19 03:04 AM
On this week's podcast I am joined by Walter Pagano, CPA, CFE.  Walter is the head of Tax Controversy and Forensics at Eisner Amper in New York, and he covers what everyone needs to know about the new IRS target letters for owners of Crypto Currency, and what to do if you or one of your clients receives one.
Check out the episode here:

irs: Tax Rep Podcast: Where IRS Rep Clients Come From - 09/11/19 02:55 AM
The latest episode of the Tax Rep Network Podcast is out, and I discuss the need for representation and how practitioners can go about finding clients.  Listen to the podcast here:
Or check the episode out in YouTube here:

irs: Article on Resolving Tax Debts: Wealth Strategies Journal - 09/11/19 02:50 AM
Taxpayers often become frustrated and scared when dealing with the IRS on a back tax debt. In reality, however, resolving a tax debt is reasonably straightforward and can save taxpayers from unnecessary distress.  My article covering this topic is now out in Wealth Strategies Journal and can be read here for FREE:
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irs: TRN Podcast: How to Reopen That Closed Tax Assessment! - 08/31/19 03:50 AM
In this week's podcast we review the techniques that can be used by tax practitioners to reopen an assessment that is closed.  Given that tax enforcement by the IRS is being done more and more by automation with no human being involved, taxpayers are finding their responses and correspondence ignored.  We review the various techniques to reopen these assessmnets and get them abated or reduced, including Audit Reconsideration, Doubt-as-to-Liability Offers, CDP, Refund cases and bankruptcy. 
You can check out this week's episode in ITunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or here: 
Podcast Page:
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irs: IRS & New Haven, CT: Looming Tax Debt’s Effect on International Travel - 08/25/19 12:13 PM
I focus my practice on civil and criminal tax representation.  We represent taxpayers in New Haven, Connecticut, New York and elsewhere.  As the IRS recently reminded taxpayers, significant tax debt may jeopardize your passport or your ability to acquire one.
The IRS certifies taxpayers with the United States Department of State as having a “seriously delinquent tax debt” if they owe at least $52,000 (including interest and penalties). The State Department is required by law to deny passport applications or renewals to taxpayers with this certification. Furthermore, the IRS may ask the State Department to revoke a taxpayer’s passport.
The goal of the passport … (0 comments)

irs: Tax Rep Podcast: The Ask-Me-Anything Episode 6/14/19 - 05/26/19 03:47 AM
The week of June 10th I will be in Las Vegas having just spoken all week for the AICPA at its Engage Conference 2019.  I will then be heading to Salt Lake City to speak at Scaling New Heights.  In between, on June 14th I will record a special "AMA" episode of the Tax Rep Podcast from Las Vegas.
"AMA", or "Ask-Me-Anything".  If you have burning questions about the IRS, or simply a client matter that has you stumped, email me at and we will answer your questions on the episode.
Check out the podcast here at 

irs: Tax Rep Network Podcast: IRS Collection Update - 05/26/19 03:25 AM
During this week's podcast episode I review the recent changes in IRS Collection, including the adjustments done for an older vehicle, the program the IRS uses where they certifiy taxpayers to the State Department for passport suspension or revocation if they have delinquent taxes and are not dealing with the issue, and review the statistics just realeased by the IRS in the 2018 IRS Data Book.
Check out this week's episode in ITunes, Google Podcasts, Apple POdcasts or on either the Tax Rep Website or YouTube:
Eric L. Green 

irs: Dept of Justice Continues Enforcement Against Dishonest Tax Preparers - 04/13/19 12:15 PM
I focus my practice on civil and criminal tax representation.  Now that tax season is in full swing, the Department of Justice reminds taxpayers to choose tax preparers carefully.
The Justice Department’s Tax Division, in collaboration with U.S. Attorney’s Offices, takes legal action throughout the United States, including seeking court orders to shut down tax return preparers who prepared false tax returns, and criminally prosecuting fraudulent tax return preparers to punish dishonest tax return preparers for their fraudulent activities and to protect taxpayers and government funds.
“Most tax return preparers provide competent and professional advice,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard E. … (0 comments)

irs: New Haven Criminal Tax: 3rd Annual Conference on May 16th! - 02/27/19 05:02 PM
Join us for our 3rd annual full-day criminal tax conference, where attendees will learn everything they could want to know about the criminal tax process!  This year's conference is named "Shopping the Preparer" which is when IRS Criminal Investigations sends in undercover agents to see if a tax preparer is playing games.
So join us on May16th either in person or via live webcast and catch all the entertainment as our star line-up of speakers covers everything from the criminal tax process threough prosecuting bad preparers!
Eric L. Green, Esq.
Green & Sklarz LLC
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New Haven, CT 06511
Ph. (203) 285-8545

irs: New Haven, CT: What to Do If You Have Not Filed Tax Returns - 02/20/19 04:37 PM
I represent taxpayers in New Haven and the rest of Connecticut who have civil and criminal tax issues, and have recently seen an uptick in those folks coming to us who have not filed tax returns, some for many years.  In fact, the non-filer issue is a major priority for the IRS, who have stated publicly that they have identified more than 7 Million taxpayers who have failed to file returns, and that the IRS plans to roll-out an initiative to target these tax scofflaws.
In addition, it is worth noting that the willful failure to file a tax return is a … (0 comments)

irs: IRS Offers-in-Compromise: The Good, the Bad, and....! - 10/24/18 03:07 AM
Adventures in IRS Offers-in-Compromise: The Good, the Bad, and "My Client Did Not Seriously Just F*&king Do That?!"
In this week’s episode Eric covers issues with IRS Offers-in-Compromise when the client does not always listen to us, and what happens when both little things go wrong as well as when the shit really hits the IRS Offer fan! Eric explains the various types of clients and why so many people you help will end up just getting into trouble again and become your “walking annuities”. Also, remember to email Eric your questions so he can answer them on the next podcast at
Want … (1 comments)

irs: Everything You Wanted to Know About Taxes and Crypto-Currency! - 08/27/18 06:10 PM
In this Episode, I speak with my friends Steve Toscher and Mike Stein from the Beverly Hills tax Law Firm of Hochman, Salkin, Rettig, Toscher & Perez and discuss everything you need to know about Crypto-Currency: What it is, how the IRS views crypto-currency, how to report these transactions, can you do a like-kind exchange of crypto-currency, why it’s such a hot button issue with the IRS civilly and criminally, and what to do if you have failed to report a transaction. This is the program every accountant and investor needs to know about the new wild-west of crypto-currency!
Check out this week's … (0 comments)

irs: Cash and Structuring: How Accountants Get Their Clients Sent to Prison - 08/12/18 03:56 PM
In this Episode Eric sits down with IRS Special Agent Maria Papageorgiou and discusses the crime of structuring, what it is and why so many taxpayers end up committing this crime without realizing it.  Many accountants advise their clients that when it comes to cash, it is the client’s money and they can do what they want with it (so long as it was reported).  Unfortunately that is far from the truth.  Hear directly from Maria why the IRS is so intent on focusing on this violation, and what you and your clients need to know.  Get the episode in ITunes, … (0 comments)

irs: The IRS's Use of Confidential Informants: Tax Rep Network Podcast - 08/06/18 10:45 AM
Episode 28 of the Tax Rep Network Podcast just hit the podcast network and it features a discussion with me and the IRS Criminal Investigation's Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Field Office, Kristina O'Connell.  The topic was, of course, how IRS Criminal Investigation uses confidential informants to build a tax case.
During the discussion Kristina covers not only how the IRS uses confidential informants to build their tax cases, but how taxpayers can become a confidential informant and be paid for their information.  Check out Episode 28 here: 
Thanks, and look forward to seeing you inside Tax Rep Network!

irs: Interview with the IRS Director of Collection - 07/30/18 04:14 AM
On this week's podcast I interviewed my friend Paul Mamo, who is the Director of the IRS Collection Division.  Listen in and hear Paul and I talk about the current payroll tax initiative the IRS Collection Division is rolling out, and other high priority issues for the IRS.  Catch the podcast here: 
Want to learn to make easy money representing taxpayers?  Join me tomorrow for a free lunch & learn webinar during which I will teach you two easy things you can do to make money helpin g taxpayers without ever having to talk to an IRS employee!  Register for the FREE webinar … (2 comments)

irs: Full-Day Criminal Tax Program Available Free on Demand! - 06/23/18 08:11 PM
Missed our full-day criminal tax program on May 17th?  No problem!
We have made the entire day's program, including the video and nearly 800 pages of outlines, exhibits and handouts available to you for FREE!
Go here and check it all out!
Eric L. Green
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irs: IRS Announces the end of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program - 03/14/18 05:51 AM
The focus of our practice is civil and criminal taxpayer representation, and so we wanted to make everyone aware that the IRS has announced it will begin to shut down the 2014 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). The program will close on September 28, 2018. Therefore, U.S. taxpayers with undisclosed foreign financial assets have a limited amount of time to use the OVDP before the program ends.
More than 56,000 taxpayers have used one of the IRS disclosure programs since the ODDP initially launched in 2009. Those taxpayers have paid a total of $11.1 billion in back taxes, interest and penalties. … (0 comments)

irs: Ringleader of Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud Gets 30 Years in Prison - 03/08/18 06:39 PM
Over 8,800 Identities Stolen from the U.S. Army, Alabama State Agencies and Georgia Businesses
We focus our practice on tax matters, and I in particular on civil and criminal tax controversy issues.  I can assure those of you who have never had to go through the pain of unwinding your identity being stolen that saying its unpleasant is putting it mildly.  Therefore it was with much pleasure I read the Department of Justice's announcement today that the leader in a huge identity theft ring was sentenced to 30-years in prison!   
A Phenix City, Alabama, resident was sentenced today to 30 years in … (0 comments)

irs: Legislation to Repeal the IRS’s Private Debt Collection Program - 03/03/18 03:38 AM
New Haven, Connecticut: Yesterday three senators introduced legislation that would repeal the IRS’s use of private debt collectors.
The focus of my practice is civil and criminal taxpayer representation, and the IRS's required use of private debt collectors to try and do its job has increasingly come under scrutiny.
On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act (Pub. L. No. 114-94) into law—the first federal law in over a decade to provide long-term funding certainty for surface transportation infrastructure planning and investment.  In addition to increased funding for transportation infrastructure the FAST Act also required the IRS to … (2 comments)

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