irs collection: IRS Collection in Community Property States - 10/20/19 04:36 AM
I just posted this week's podcast with my friend Jason B. Freeman where he walks us through the impact of the community property laws on IRS collection and what it means for those of us working to help taxpayers resolve their outstanding tax debts. Check out the podcast in any of the major platforms (Google Podcast, ITunes, Apple Podcasts) or here on the podcast page:

irs collection: Tax Rep Network Podcast: IRS Collection Update - 05/26/19 03:25 AM
During this week's podcast episode I review the recent changes in IRS Collection, including the adjustments done for an older vehicle, the program the IRS uses where they certifiy taxpayers to the State Department for passport suspension or revocation if they have delinquent taxes and are not dealing with the issue, and review the statistics just realeased by the IRS in the 2018 IRS Data Book.
Check out this week's episode in ITunes, Google Podcasts, Apple POdcasts or on either the Tax Rep Website or YouTube:
Eric L. Green 

irs collection: IRS Offers-in-Compromise: The Good, the Bad, and....! - 10/24/18 03:07 AM
Adventures in IRS Offers-in-Compromise: The Good, the Bad, and "My Client Did Not Seriously Just F*&king Do That?!"
In this week’s episode Eric covers issues with IRS Offers-in-Compromise when the client does not always listen to us, and what happens when both little things go wrong as well as when the shit really hits the IRS Offer fan! Eric explains the various types of clients and why so many people you help will end up just getting into trouble again and become your “walking annuities”. Also, remember to email Eric your questions so he can answer them on the next podcast at
Want … (1 comments)

irs collection: Interview with the IRS Director of Collection - 07/30/18 04:14 AM
On this week's podcast I interviewed my friend Paul Mamo, who is the Director of the IRS Collection Division.  Listen in and hear Paul and I talk about the current payroll tax initiative the IRS Collection Division is rolling out, and other high priority issues for the IRS.  Catch the podcast here: 
Want to learn to make easy money representing taxpayers?  Join me tomorrow for a free lunch & learn webinar during which I will teach you two easy things you can do to make money helpin g taxpayers without ever having to talk to an IRS employee!  Register for the FREE webinar … (2 comments)

irs collection: Legislation to Repeal the IRS’s Private Debt Collection Program - 03/03/18 03:38 AM
New Haven, Connecticut: Yesterday three senators introduced legislation that would repeal the IRS’s use of private debt collectors.
The focus of my practice is civil and criminal taxpayer representation, and the IRS's required use of private debt collectors to try and do its job has increasingly come under scrutiny.
On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act (Pub. L. No. 114-94) into law—the first federal law in over a decade to provide long-term funding certainty for surface transportation infrastructure planning and investment.  In addition to increased funding for transportation infrastructure the FAST Act also required the IRS to … (2 comments)

irs collection: Avoiding an IRS Tax Levy in New Haven, CT - 02/08/18 11:32 AM
The main focus of my practice is civil and criminal taxpayer representation.  Many taxpayers who come to see us in New Haven, CT or one of our other offices are generally frightened of having their bank acounts or wages levied by the IRS.  Inevitably the discussion turns to what can we do to avoid a levy by the IRS?
The answer is easier than you think, though often what people do not want to do.
Here are the three steps to avoid an IRS Tax Levy:
1. File any missing tax returns for the last 6 years;
2. Make your current tax payments;
3. Talk to … (1 comments)

irs collection: The FIve Biggest Mistakes Made When Filing IRS Offers-in-Compromise - 08/30/17 03:45 PM
These are mistakes we see so often that I couldnt resist making a podcast about them.
Checkout our Podcast on the Five Biggest Mistakes people make when filing their IRS Offer-in-Compromise.  The POdcast can be found here:
Any questions about Offers-in-Compromise or anything else IRS just let me know at or (203) 285-8545.
Eric L. Green
Green & Sklarz LLC
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New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 285-8545

irs collection: Filing Back-Tax Returns? Think Before You File Joint! - 08/20/17 06:02 AM
I represent taxpayers every day in Connecticut and New York.  Married taxpayers often show up with bills from the IRS and state which they are both responsible for paying.  When I ask why they filed joint tax returns they explain that their accountant told them they would save money this way, and that the spouse could always seek innocent spouse relief.
Unfortunately, this was terrible advice from the accountant, and just made resolving the tax debts that much harder and more expensive.  Why?
Lets use a real-life example: Husband is self-employed salesman, wife quite her corporate job in NYC and is a stay-at-home … (0 comments)

irs collection: Filing Back-Tax Returns? File the State Tax return first. - 08/20/17 05:54 AM
I represent taxpayers every day in Connecticut and New York.  Sitting in my office in New Haven or New York City I review financials with taxpayers who have just filed multiple years of federal tax returns and want to compromise their tax debt.  When I ask about the state income tax returns they always state that their accountant just got the IRS filed and that we can “work on the state later.
Unfortunately, this was terrible advice from the accountant, and just made resolving the tax debts that much harder.  Why?
First thing most taxpayers do not realize, and accountants do not explain, … (0 comments)

irs collection: Payroll Tax Debt in New Haven, CT: Cleared of Responsibility for Tax - 11/10/16 10:54 AM
The number one reason why business owners in New Haven, Connecticut come to us for IRS help is payroll tax debts. Unpaid payroll taxes can wreak financial havoc for both the business and the individual owners. When a business fails to pay over its payroll taxes to the IRS the agency can assess those responsible individuals for the “Trust Fund” portion of the taxes, meaning those taxes actually withheld from the employees pay.
A recent opinion from the United States Tax Court provides some great insight into who can be considered a “responsible person” in the context of an assessment of trust … (0 comments)

irs collection: IRS New Haven CT: Atty Green's speaks for the IRS Taxpayer Advocate - 05/31/16 12:19 PM
Attorney Eric Green from the Connecticut Tax Boutique Law Firm Green & Sklarz LLC was asked to make comments on the record for the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) National Taxpayer Advocate in Washington, DC.  The Forum with Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate, was recorded, and the recording has been made public. 
You can watch Attorney Green's comments HERE
During his comments Attorney Green commented on the issues he sees currently with the IRS, including its Offer-in-Compromise program, its implementation of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act  ("FAST Act"), which ridiculously has 25 pages that impact IRS Collection which Congress buried in the Act.  … (0 comments)

irs collection: Attorney Eric Green to Speak at the 2013 NATP Annual Meeting - 07/05/13 10:08 AM
Attorney Eric Green will be speaking at the NATP Annual Meeting July 10th and 11th in Phoenix Arizona.  He will be speaking on "Dealing with the IRS Collection Division" and "Handling IRS Examinations EWhen There Are Indications of Fraud."
Registration for the conference can be found at Registration.
Eric L. Green, Esq.
Convicer, Percy & Green, LLP
701 Hebron Avenue
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Ph. (860) 494-4786
Fax (203) 286-1311 

irs collection: Eric Green to Speak on Resolving Your Client's Payroll Tax Nightware! - 09/22/12 12:02 PM
On October 4th I will lecture for CCH’s Webinar series on Resolving IRS Payroll Tax Issues, including the Trust Fund Recovery penalty under IRC Section 6672, third party liability under IRC Section 3505, resolving payroll tax issues and criminal payroll tax prosecutions under IRC Section 7202 and 7215.  Tax practitioners can register at CCH.
This talk will be part of a series for CCH throughout the Fall on civl and criminal tax issues.  The scheduled talks are as follows:
Thursday October 18, 2012 – Eggshell Audits: Handling IRS Civil examinations When There are Indications of Fraud Wednesday October 31, 2012 – The … (0 comments)

irs collection: IRS Taxpayer Mistakes New Haven, Connecticut: Biggest Mistake #4 that Taxpayers Make when Dealing with the IRS in New Haven, CT: Not Responding to IRS Notices! - 09/02/12 10:06 PM
We frequently represent clients in IRS exam and Collection matters in New Haven, Connecticut, and know that it is critical for taxpayers to respond to IRS notices timely.  With the IRS’s Automated Under-Reporter System and its Automated Substitute for Return System, it is imperative that taxpayers respond to the IRS quickly when they receive a notice from the IRS.
Failure to respond to an IRS Notice can lead to a number of negative outcomes:
 The IRS makes its proposed adjustment to the return final and issues a 90 Day Notice of Deficiency, and The return created for the taxpayer in … (0 comments)

irs collection: IRS Taxpayer Mistakes New Haven, Connecticut: Biggest Mistake #3 that Taxpayers Make when Dealing with the IRS in New Haven, CT: Filing an Offer-in-Compromise without doing the proper Financial Analysis! - 09/01/12 11:16 PM
We frequently represent clients in IRS Collection matters in New Haven, Connecticut, and can state that the key to filing a successful Offer-in-Compromise (“OIC”) is the upfront analysis that is done to make sure the taxpayer is a viable OIC candidate.  It makes no sense to file OICs wily-nily without any sense of whether they will be accepted or not.
It is a waste of the taxpayer’s money and the IRS’s time. 
We understand you want the IRS gone, and an OIC sounds wonderful.  However you need to understand how the IRS will conduct its analysis.  Nationally, in 2011 the IRS … (1 comments)

irs collection: IRS Taxpayer Mistakes New Haven, Connecticut: Biggest Mistake #2 that Taxpayers Make when Dealing with the IRS in New Haven, CT: Not Appealing! - 09/01/12 11:13 PM
We frequently represent clients in IRS examination and Collection cases in New Haven, Connecticut, and can state that the Appeals function is one of the best ways to get your case resolved.  One of the biggest mistakes we see taxpayers (and their tax practitioners) make is to not take advantage of the IRS Appeals function attached to both the IRS examination function and the IRS Collection Division. 
We understand dealing with the IRS can be intimidating, and the IRS examiners, in New Haven Connecticut and elsewhere, put pressure on taxpayers to not appeal their case.  Trust me: Appeal!  If you believe … (1 comments)

irs collection: IRS Taxpayer Mistakes New Haven, Connecticut: Biggest Mistake #1 that Taxpayers Make when Dealing with the IRS in New Haven, CT: Not filing the tax return! - 09/01/12 11:11 PM
We frequently represent clients in IRS examination and Collection cases in New Haven, Connecticut.  One of the biggest mistakes taxpayers (and their tax practitioners) make is to not file a tax return simply because they cannot pay the balance.
We understand the thought process: I cannot pay the tax.  Therefore, if I do not file the tax return, the IRS will not know about it.  I’ll file it with the IRS later when I have the money.
This is maybe the worst mistake a taxpayer in New Haven, Connecticut or elsewhere can make when dealing with the IRS.
The IRS assesses … (0 comments)

irs collection: Back Taxes Nonfilers Hartford, CT: TIGTA Reports up to $576 Million Owed in Back Taxes for 2007 - 05/31/11 03:58 PM
<!--StartFragment--> A report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration states that the IRS unearth as much as $1.3 billion in unpaid taxes, penalties and interest by making better use of currency report data to identify taxpayers with potentially unreported income.
We are often asked to assist nonfilers in dealing with unpaid taxes, interest and penalties in the Hartford, CT area.  TIGTA identified a number of individuals who have enough cash to engage in currency transactions totaling at least $20,000, but did not file tax returns even though they appeared to have a filing requirement, as well as individuals engaged … (0 comments)

irs collection: IRS Offer-in-Compromise in Hartford, Connecticut: How does the IRS determine what to accept for an Offer-in-Compromise? - 05/31/11 03:56 PM
<!--StartFragment--> We frequently represent clients who want to resolve their outstanding IRS federal tax debt with an Offer-in-Compromise in Hartford, Connecticut often ask us how much they have to offer?  The truth is it depends upon the individual’s personal financial situation. 
The IRS looks to obtain what it can based upon the taxpayer’s Reasonable Collection Potential, or “RCP.”  It is the RCP that will determine whether the taxpayer’s Offer-in-Compromise is ultimately accepted by the IRS. 
So what is involved with the RCP?  For our clients in Hartford, Connecticut and elsewhere, the RCP consists of what the IRS could expect to collect … (2 comments)

A Practical Review of IRS Collection Procedures and Opportunities to Help Your Clients
A Live Two -Hour Webinar from CCH
On Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 1 PM EST Join Attorney Eric L. Green and learn How the IRS Collection Division Operates and What Opportunities Exist to Help Taxpayers Resolve Their Tax Issues
As the federal government faces extreme financial pressures, the IRS is using every tool it has available to identify taxpayers who owe back taxes in its efforts to close the “tax gap” and collect owed revenues. As of December 31, 2010 there are more than 10.4 million … (0 comments)

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