stamford connecticut: Estate Refunds for Same Sex Marriages in Stamford, CT as DOMA struck Down by Supreme Court - 06/26/13 12:46 AM
The focus of our practice in Stamford and New Haven Connecticut is estate planning, as well as civil and criminal taxpayer representation.  With the United States Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the core of the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), suddenly same sex couple in Stamford, Connecticut and elsewhere who have been denied the federal estate exemption may now seek a refund from the IRS for all those estate taxes and income taxes paid that would otherwise have been exempt. 
Currently, the federal estate tax exemption is $5.25 million, however, married couples are entitled to an unlimited marital estate tax … (0 comments)

stamford connecticut: Criminal Tax in Stamford CT: An Introduction to the crime of Tax Evasion and defending taxpayers charged with it in Stamford, Connecticut - 06/02/13 12:40 PM
We frequently represent taxpayers and accountants in criminal tax matters, and whether in Stamford, Connecticut or elsewhere, the Department of Justice and IRS have both historically regarded Tax Evasion as the most important criminal tax statute.  It is also the criminal tax statute with the greatest impact for deterrence.
Under IRC § 7201, Tax Evasion has three elements:
1. Willfulness
2. The existence of a tax deficiency
3. An affirmative act constituting evasion or an attempted evasion of tax
The definition of willfulness is the “violation of a known legal duty.”  The willfulness test is a subjective one, and what I … (0 comments)

stamford connecticut: IRS Tax Debt and Bankruptcy in Stamford, Connecticut: Resolving your federal tax debt with the IRS through bankruptcy. - 07/07/12 09:43 PM
We frequently represent clients who owe significant sums of back taxes, to the IRS.  Often, the question of bankruptcy is raised, and when it might be appropriate for use in resolving the federal tax issue with the IRS.  We have seen a significant number of our clients resolve their outstanding IRS tax debts either completely, or reduce it significantly, through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.   
In order for a tax to be dischargeable in bankruptcy, it must meet the following requirements:
The tax must be at least 3 years old; The IRS cannot have filed a Substitute for Return (an … (0 comments)

stamford connecticut: IRS Criminal Tax Prosecutions in Stamford, Connecticut: IRS Releases 2011 criminal Tax Enforcement data! - 03/27/12 01:02 PM
We frequently represent clients in federal IRS criminal tax investigations in Stamford, Connecticut.  In it worthy to note that the IRS released its 2011 statistical data today.
In 2011, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division initiated 4,720 criminal tax investigations.  Of those investigations initiated, 3,410 were referred for criminal prosecution.  These 4,720 cases included:
1,922 legal source crimes; 1,810 illegal source crimes; and 988 Narcotics-related financial crimes. When we handle these situations for taxpayers our focus is usually to try and have the criminal investigation killed and the case returned to the civil exam division.  The reason is that, the longer the … (1 comments)

stamford connecticut: IRS Tax Missing Returns Stamford, CT: Why you may not want to file those back taxes jointly in Stamford, Connecticut! - 03/01/12 05:21 AM
We frequently have taxpayers in Stamford, CT contact us for help because they have filed several years of missing tax returns (on the advice of their preparer) jointly, and now the IRS collection division is pursuing them and their spouse.
I will be the first to agree that, in most cases, filing a joint tax return with your spouse can save federal taxes.  There are some instances, however, in which you DO NOT WANT TO FILE A JOINT RETURN!
A real life example that came into our office was the following: husband was self-employed and wife was a stay-at-home mom.  … (0 comments)

stamford connecticut: IRS Exam Accountant Privilege Stamford CT: Why, if there are fraud issues with your tax return, your accountant may be your worst enemy during an IRS audit in Stamford, CT! - 02/25/12 10:08 AM
We frequently represent taxpayers before the IRS during routine audits in Stamford, Connecticut, as do many CPAs or EAs.  Having your CPA or EA handle your audit may be a costly mistake if there are potential tax fraud issues involved with the return.
Accountants, defined as anyone allowed to practice before the IRS (CPAs and EAs) enjoy a privileged relationship with their clients in routine tax matters.  Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) Section 7525 creates a confidential relationship for accountants similar to that of attorneys with their tax clients in civil tax matters.
Unlike the attorney-client privilege, the 7525 accountant-client privilege ceases … (2 comments)

stamford connecticut: Estate Planning Mistakes in Stamford, Connecticut: The Number 1 Mistake People Make in Estate Planning is to Not Plan at All! - 01/01/12 06:42 AM
A significant focus of our practice is assisting clients in Stamford, Connecticut and elsewhere with their estate planning.  Whatever a client’s goals are, or what their asset level is, the number one mistake they can make is to not plan at all.
A well thought out estate plan will plan for the guardian of minor children, reduce or avoid estate and succession taxes, arrange for the management of assets, and handle any planning necessary for a spouse and/or children that have special needs. 
When we handle these situations for taxpayers we work with clients to find out what they want to … (2 comments)

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